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Warriors Keep Rolling

by robertanchor (writer), San Mateo., December 01, 2007


The Warriors keep the streak rolling for a fifth straight night with a huge win over the T-mac and Huston Rockets, snapping a 3 game winning streak.

On a night that many critics said that it would be the end of the warriors ride to 500, the Warriors once again left them with their feet in their mouth.

Coming into the game on the backs of “Captain Jackson” (Stephen Jackson) and “The Body Guard” Baron Davis, it was obvious that there was definitely work ahead for the Golden Sate Warriors, who’s game up until this night had been fueled my passion.

The Warriors established the usual up beat tempo of the game and kept Houston on its heels for a majority of the period. Elusiveness and speed both on defense and offense, allowed to Warriors to stay on top, along with the consistent pushing of the ball on every offensive possession the Warriors had. At the end of halftime the Warriors had seized a 9-point lead that they never relinquished

The key match up with undersized Al Harrington and Yao Ming looked as though it was going to be another long night for the warriors on defense. However once again Don Nelson showed his genius, this time on defense. All night long Yao Ming was blind sided by speedy defenders every time he neared the paint. Like a confused giant, Yao couldn’t make sense of anything and was unable to establish any type of rhythm offensively. Unlike the preceding night where Yao scored a remarkable 31 points, this night the warriors had his number and held Yao to a low 10 points, a feat that doesn’t come easy.

On the other end of the court “captain make it happen“ Stephen Jackson showed his resilience one again on offense and defense. Matching up against one of the leagues premier players in Tracy McGrady Jackson’s defense is what made the difference. McGrady, who is know for his ability to put up numbers on demand was played tightly throughout the course of the game scoring all but one point in the first half. Whether it was in the paint or at the top of the parameter, Jackson was there to meet McGrady and cause disruption on defense holding McGrady to only 11 points and 5 field goals. On the offensive side of the ball Jackson sliced his way through the defense to 19 points.

Baron Davis continued to have his way with the defense after scoring a game high of 27 points. It has become apparent that Davis has established himself as one of the premier point guards in the league, both from the parameter and from inside the paint. Davis showed his power in the post, especially in one on one mismatches with smaller Rafer Alston, it was the force to double Davis that caused other Warrior players to see better shots from the parameters and get open underneath the defense weak side.

Now sitting in third, three games back of first place in the division, the Warriors are picking up steam and are ready to surprise any opponent that dares to underestimate them. The warriors have become the fastest team in history to reach 500 after losing six straight.

Of course Charles Barkley tried to down play the Warriors win by saying that Houston wasn’t a good team, as well state that according to him the Warriors will not even make the playoffs. You can just add Barkley to the list of doubters and haters that continue to rain on the Warriors parade. Let see what Barkley looks like after he eats his words and some of his crispy creams.

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By Annonymous on December 01, 2007 at 06:02 am
Great Article, I love the way you convey all the success that the warriors have been having. I look forward to hearing more about your take on the the warriors. Great Read
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