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5 Commonly-Worn Jewellery Types in India

India has a very robust jewellery industry which has its presence in every part of our country and a huge demand which cuts across many section of the Indian society.

India has a very robust jewellery industry which has its presence in every part of our country and a huge demand which cuts across many section of the Indian society. People in this part of the world are well known for the usage of gold, silver and other expensive jewellery not just for social but also for religious occasions. Jewels and jewellery are considered very auspicious and are treated as more than just a decorative accessory. The usage of these metals and jewels are considered significant since times immemorial. Many temples and historical monuments bear testimony to this fact. No wonder we have a very thriving jewellery industry in our country serving the needs of the middle class, upper middle class and elite sections of society.

Jewellery Trends

There are different varieties of jewellery that are available in various jewellery outlets across the country. Customers generally base their choice on cost considerations and the kind of material used in the making of jewellery. The most commonly-worn jewellery types in India are:

Gold and Silver Jewellery

Being the largest user of gold in the world, India consumes 20% of gold produced globally. Gold is considered very auspicious for many religious and cultural ceremonies. So much so that it accounts for 80% of the Indian jewellery industry. Gold and silver are used during festivals like Diwali, Dhanteras, Janmashtami and Akshay Tritya. The purity of Gold and Silver jewellery is calibrated by many government approved institutions like AgMark, which authenticate and certifies the quality of the jewellery. The 24 karat gold being pure and soft is alloyed with silver to add turgidity to the metal. Silver is the most famous metal used for gold-plated jewellery whereas gold is laminated over the silver metal.

Fashion Jewellery

It is also known as costume jewellery, trinkets, junk or fake jewellery. India is just behind China as the largest manufacturer of fashion Jewellery. There is a huge demand for best artificial fashion jewellery in our country as this kind of jewellery is more suitable for modern day costumes designs. There are many e-commerce firms which sell artificial fashion jewellery online through different dealers. Given the prices of gold, diamond and other expensive jewelleries, it is a very affordable option for many customers.


Diamond jewellery is usually worn by the upper segment of Indian society. Diamond is studded on gold and silver rings, pendants and necklaces. There are several other expensive stones which are used along with diamond to give a complete outlook to the necklaces


The use of Pearl in Jewellery dates back to Vedic times. The south Indian city of Hyderabad, also known as the ‘City of Pearls’,is the hub of pearl manufacturers. There are various varieties of pearl out of which are measured in terms of their ‘ratti’.


One can easily conclude that the jewellery industry is very vibrant in this part of the world. Now, the advent of e-commerce firms has deluged the jewellery market with artificial fashion jewellery. Given the Indian traditions and the cultural significance of these different jewelleries, one can only expect this vast industry to grow and play an important role in the Indian economy.

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