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Top Social Media Management Tools

by Sally_wilkinson (writer), , November 06, 2015

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Social media

Social Media Management Tools refers to the use of various software’s which have been designed for marketing organizations and departments to publish on various social media platforms.

Social Media Management Tools refers to the use of various software’s which have been designed for marketing organizations and departments to publish on various social media platforms. These tools enables users to post on many social media platforms at a go, work in groups without creating any duplication of tasks and respond to the customer inquiries much faster. The use of social media management tools have increased in the recent past from publishing features to the use of social media analytics and monitoring.


One of the first social media management tools any person should always consider at first is the Co-Schedule. This tool will enable you to time publicity of the contents you post on your blogs or website. Whenever you write any post, you are awarded a Co-Schedule to post messages concerning it on the various social media sites. You might not be interested in having all the outlets display messages about the post at a go.

Crowd booster

The process of analyzing your social media marketing value can be challenging. It is always not easy to identify the visitors who were directed to your site by which social media platform. Crowd booster always aims in filling the knowledge gap. It is difficult to get a social media agency which does not use crowd booster. Crowd booster monitors marketing on Twitter and Facebook only.


Buffer which is costs more that Crowd booster and Co-Schedule combined has the capabilities of message scheduling of both the analytical and Co-Schedule tools of Crowd booster. You will have to part with US $50 to get the cheapest buffer plan. You will always be given a seven day trial period to enable you deciding if the social media management tool is worth paying for.

Social Flow

One of the major benefits associated with using the Social Flow is that it is capable of monitoring the comments and posts of your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. This will provide you with a social media marketing to direct your contents to the current interests and schedule their release and promotion. This tool consists of both the analysis and scheduling tools.


The methodology of the IFTTT is based around “recipe”. For instance when you come up with a new blog post, it can act as a trigger to send social media messages concerning the blog post.


Social media marketing on Twitter will enable you to benefit from Tweepi services. This tool has reporting capabilities of the Twitter account. Since Tweepi only allows one to manage his/her Twitter account, its value is closely tied to the performance of Twitter.


The Hootsuite is all about monitoring of what other people think about your products and company. At times bad reviews might arise from poor customer care service, faulty products or negative comments from customers who are interested in something or even from your business rivals. Hootsuite also contains analytical and monitoring tools. This tool is capable of monitoring over 35 social media outlets for you including Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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By NormanGarcia on November 06, 2015 at 08:24 am

Great tools to use and everyone is needed for effective work. I have been using some of them for a long time but now, when I know about the others the deals are going to be better. I also have found 10 Curation Tools and Utilities to Boost Your Content Marketing and they are either worth using.

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