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The baseball legend, Frank Robinson

by Hicks Crawford (writer), , October 31, 2015


He failed to live up to the expectations though because he had other concerns in his life that needed attention and his health was ever-deteriorating.

In every sport, there are names that get written down in the history books for their countless heroics and magic when on the field. Baseball is a sport loved by almost every American and like any other sport, MLB also has some historic personalities that have forever engraved their names in the minds of the fanatics and critics of the game. One such name is Frank Robinson; hailing from California, Mr. Robinson played for five teams during his illustrious 20-year career. Mr. Frank is the only player ever to have ever won the prestigious MVP awards in both National and the American leagues. Let’s take a quick look at Robinson’s playing career over the years, highlighting the contributions he made to the five teams that were fortunate enough to have him in their ranks:

1. Cincinnati Reds:

Robinson started off as a rookie for the team and soon began to make the world wonder about what he had hidden in his locker. He won the prestigious “Rookie of the year” award in his very first year and instantly got transformed into a fan favorite. In 1961, Frank won his very first MVP award helping the team to receive many wins and accolades. The best year for Frank at Reds attacking wise was in 1962 when he managed to score .343 with, 52 doubles, 210 hits (his only season in which he made over 200 hits), 133 RBI and 131 runs. He also hit 39 home runs in the process.

2. Baltimore Orioles:

The Reds owner at the time sent Robinson to Baltimore in exchange for a very famous pitcher Milt Pappas, who was expected to lead the Reds lineup but failed to deliver the form that was expected of him. This deal is widely regarded as the most absurd deal ever made, and the Reds’ owner was continuously criticized by the media and the fans because Robinson was just 30 years old and had a lot of potential in him. To further add to the misery, Robinson led the Baltimore team to the Triple Crown in his very first year at the club. He led the American League charts with the highest batting average, the most number of home runs and also the most number of runs. On May 8, 1966, when Robinson hit a home run completely out of the Memorial system, he became the first man to achieve the feat in MLB baseball history.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers:

A brief stint at the club in Los Angeles was just a glimpse of what his actual talents were and his best period of life was already behind him.

4. California Angels:

He was in California for just a single year from 1972 to 1973 and was hugely welcomed by his home fans. Every game used to be cheered like no other game because of Robinson’s presence in the field.

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