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Tips For Finding Work While You're Unemployed

by Ravi Kumar Gupta (writer), , October 24, 2015

Being unemployed – particularly for an extended period of time – and searching for an opportunity to get back to work is one of the toughest jobs there is.

Being unemployed – particularly for an extended period of time – and searching for an opportunity to get back to work is one of the toughest jobs there is. Not only do you need to search for self-motivation to keep looking when things get hard (which they are in this ongoing recession), but you also need to show impeccable planning skills, commitment, and focus.

All of this takes place while you're under a serious amount of pressure financially. Fortunately, there are some tactics that you can employ that may not only help you to find work faster, but also assist you in keeping upbeat and focused too!

Start Volunteering

Volunteering may not seem like a prudent use of your time when you're desperately in need of cash, but offering your knowledge, skills, and time for no cost can help with a number of golden benefits. For instance, volunteering can help to break the isolation that can set in after you've been unemployed for a while, by getting you back into a regular schedule and team environment.

What's more, it's worth noting that most employers prefer to give a chance to the people who have stayed active and focus between jobs. By volunteering – particularly in a job related to your chosen field, you can raise your self-esteem and show off your dedication. For instance, if you were an accountant, you might spend one day every week doing book-keeping for a local group.

Take the time to think about the kinds of skills you potentially have to offer, and how much time you can dedicate to voluntary work every week – without cutting down on your job search. Don't be afraid to seek out certain organizations and talk to them about the ways that you can help.

Try Taking a Temporary Position

When times are difficult and you're struggling to make ends meet, even a temporary position is better than sitting idle and watching the bills stack up against you. What's more, these days, temporary work can be a lot less temporary than you actually think.

Once upon a time, temporary positions lasted for a week or a few days, but now most temporary work lasts for several months, and can even evolve into a permanent position. Although temporary work may not seem ideal, it can help to break the cycle of hopelessness and restlessness jobseekers can begin to feel.

In addition, partnering with a staffing agency that offers specialized support for your particular line of expertise can help to ensure that the temporary positions you do get are related to your skills and ambitions for the future. After all, the more experience you build up in your chosen field, the more likely you are to impress future employers.

Think about Freelancing

If you're unemployed, the chances are that the top ambition on your list is getting back into work quickly – and hopefully within a similar post that you were already used to. However, today you can afford to be a little more flexible in the way that you think. For example, while looking for a permanent salary or long-term temporary position, consider freelancing as a way to increase your networking reach, enhance your C.V., and keep your skills as sharp as possible.

There are a lot of websites and forums that you can get involved with online that may be able to direct you towards small pieces of freelance work within your chosen field. Just make sure that if your aim is to get back into full time, conventional work, you don't allow your freelancing attempts to get in the way of your true ambition, and job searching efforts.

Always Network

You may be lucky enough to already have quite a strong professional network under your belt, from previous jobs or industry connections, but it's always an astute idea to continue your networking efforts when you want to boost your chances of finding employment. From joining online groups and social media forums, to targeting companies that interest you and getting in contact with them on a direct basis, make the most of the opportunities you have and socialize.

The more you network, the more likely you are to be aware the moment the job of your dreams becomes available or actually any decent job at all, and the better chance you have of getting a head start for a coveted position or as just stated, any respectable position at all. In an environment where businesses are not treated that well by the federal government and perhaps state and local governments as well depending on where you are at, picking up a job that is incredible but OK can be the difference of working and being unemployed for a longer stretch of time.

If may take months to find a job with a public agency as well employing the same tactics.

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