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Useful Tips for moving within the city

by AbhishekS (writer), Pune, October 18, 2015

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Are you planning to shift your home to another location within the city. Check out these useful tips before moving out.

Moving your entire household to a different location is a very daunting and stressful task for you. But if you are moving your house in the same city and you are taking it as fun ride then boy, you are wrong. Moving within the same city can also be a difficult task if you do not pre-plan it carefully. In lack of proper planning you can be in topsy-turvy situation wherein you won’t be able to understand as to what should be moved first and how they will be moved. This is where moving services from United Van Lines can be a big help, in addition, you can follow the following tips on how to move within the city as given underneath in this write-up.

1. Irrespective of your preparedness, packing up all your belongings takes a lot more time than one thinks. Getting all your furniture and other paraphernalia packed up, and bringing it down to the ground floor of your building can sometimes take around 3-4 hours to get your things loaded on to the loader truck. While one can see that unloading your belongings from the truck usually takes much less time as compared to when the truck was being loaded.

2.One must be ready to take outside help if and when required. Taking outside help from professional packers and movers will not help you in many ways. They will not only help in packing the items but they will do it in best possible ways. Even if you are not going to take help of professionals then take help of your friends and family in packing all your belongings.

3.One of the important things which you will be needed to do is to make a suitable stock of certain beverages in the refrigerator at your new home. A revitalizing treat will help you unload the truch much faster than before.

4.If possible try to shift to your new house in middle of the week. If the move is going to take longer you can easily extend the time from your movers which cannot be done easily if the week is going to end as during weekends trucks are booked nonstop.

5.If you own a dolly, then it will be of great help in moving the boxes instead of carrying them up. You can also take a dolly on rent if you don’t have it beforehand. It will become easier to carry your furniture on a furniture dolly instead of just maneuvering it.

6.Keep your belonging on to the truck so that all big items like couches, sofas etc are kept last on the truck and are taken out first. Particularly in a petite space, it will be lot better to keep your couches and bookracks into their place and then pile up your boxes in front of them. As attempting to reorganize your items after the truck has been unloaded, will only create extra work for you.

7.Try to make a floor plan of the new place beforehand prior to shifting your items as to where your large items will be kept. Doing this will only help you in placing your items at their desired place after which you can just do the remaining work very easily and clean your floor space.

8.Take a good night sleep before you move to your new place as moving all your belongings to a new place, is a stressful job. Not having a good sleep will only leave you stressful and make your temper loose. The same applies for the first night you stay at your new place. Don’t try to stay up till late hours of the night unpacking your items. Accept that setting up into a new place is a time taking process.

9.Keep an eye on the nearest refuelling station when you go for hiring a truck so that you can refill your truck in order to avoid mid way crisis during shifting. Also remember to make a proper plan for your fuel requirements so that you get maximum benefit for the refuelling and you carry more of your belongings in less rounds of the truck.10.The lesson of life for you will get to learn during your shifting is to never leave your work on tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. So, even if your helpers are advising you to move other leftovers the next day, you must make sure that all things whether big or small is shifted the day you move. Though it will be a pain but you must do it on same day as once you shift in your new house, you would like to set your new home first.

Shifting, irrespective of the place of shifting, brings with it lot of turmoil on your body and mind. So whenever you are in thoughts of shifting to some new location within the city make sure that you read the tips given in the article.

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By Eric M. Roland on October 21, 2015 at 09:11 am

Thanks for good tips. It is always useful to know someone’s experience in this to not do common mistakes. In my case moving within the city always meant seeking new job so here are some tips on how to make your resume pop posted at

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