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Healthy & Plus Size

by Bennessa (writer), , October 18, 2015

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Health and fitness

Finding activities that are right for you.

Sport doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and exhausting. If the thought of going to the gym makes you tired already, why not drop the idea and try something else?

You should never force yourself to do something that doesn’t make you happy. Instead, consider taking small steps. Ask your friends if they would like to start a new activity with you. You will have more fun in a group than by yourself.

Try a few different activities and find something that feels right for you.

Have Fun Playing Tennis

We all like watching Maria Sharapova and Martina Hingis on the court. Their moves are impeccable and they look like they don’t make any effort at all. However, remember that to achieve this level they have to train every day for hours.

You on the other hand can focus only on the fun part. Invite your friends and book a few tennis lessons with an instructor. It doesn’t matter if you make loads of mistakes in the beginning. It’s all about having fun!

If you want to feel a bit fancy buy a new sporty outfit for your curvy figure. It won’t help you play better but at least it will give you more confidence.

Strolling in the Park

Spring is here and it would be a shame to sit at home and not take advantage of sunny days. If you’re not a big fan of intensive cardio exercise, go for a long walk instead.

Looking for some motivation? Invite your friends over and plan the entire day outdoors. After a walk you can go and have a snack or maybe enjoy a little picnic in the park. Fresh air will make you feel more energised and active.

Retail Calorie Burner

If you want to mix business and pleasure- go shopping! Running between shops counts as exercising, didn’t you know? And it’s fun too.

Even trying different clothes on will make you stretch a bit. Spend a few hours walking around and you will burn some calories without much effort.

After shopping call your girls and invite them for lunch. You will need a second opinion on the clothes you bought.

Pool Day

With the unpredictable weather in the UK you probably won’t be able to sit by the pool in your own garden but don’t give up yet. There are many indoor swimming pools where you can have a blast with your friends.

It’s an easy way to lose a few kilos without sweating for hours in the gym. If swimming isn’t your strong point, you can take a few lessons to improve your skills.

You can also sign up for some aqua-aerobic classes. They are way more fun than traditional exercises and will still get you in shape.

If you’re “allergic to sport” altogether find something that feels comfortable and has a light impact on your body. Forget about hard workouts and rigorous cross fit classes. If you don’t treat physical activities as an obligation they can be much more fun.

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By RogerTolbert on October 22, 2015 at 02:48 am

Thank you for good advice! I will follow your tips. Especially I like the idea to initiate the activity for friends; this means that I could try myself as a leader. Here is the list of 10 super healthy foods that boost productivity I would like to add to make those activities more energetically.

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