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10 Luxury Travel Destinations around the World

by Johnclerke (writer), Dubai, October 07, 2015

Swiss Alps

Check out these luxury travel destinations around the world, you will fall in love with these places especially with Milan.

Luxury has such a wide expanse that it becomes difficult to measure it from a single point of view. The definition of luxury varies from person to person. However, when it comes to luxurious travel destinations, there are no confusions. The better the place, environment, tourist friendliness and the amenities, the more luxurious it is.

Have you ever imagined where would the richest of riches go for vacations? After carefully filtering the list we bring to you the best 10 luxury travel destination around the world. Read On.

1. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

A place where beauty and opulence takes a completely different meaning altogether, the beautiful alpine region fondly known as the Swiss Alps is an all time favorite of the wealthy. A perfect combination of classic alpine scenery, the most luxurious resorts, spas, restaurants and nightlife, it is a favorite of the high profile.

Best time to visit: Anytime is the best time to visit, check your to-do list.

2. Milan, Italy

A city with beautiful architectures, unlimited wealth and unbelievable grace, Milan welcomes all kinds of travelers. For those who can afford luxury; this place is no less than heaven. Spoiling luxuries in the most elegant style is the USP of the place. Admirable fashion and designs, imperial accommodations, spectacular beauty, and unlimited lavish shopping options make it a favorite of the elite.

Best time to visit: anytime between April to September

3. Maldives

Although small, this place is home to colossal luxury and takes all possible care to ensure your trip is a memorable one. Rent a bungalow or villa on the emerald green waters that exuding stunning beauty clubbed with amicable hospitality that makes you feel no less than the king of the world. From an exclusive dinner being served right on the beach just for you to sleeping above water under the starry blanket; Maldives can prove to be the ultimate luxury destination.

Best time to visit: The beautiful days of May till November

4. Ibiza, Spain

For the ones into elite night clubs and vibrant nightlife, Ibiza is just the right place. The place strangely has it all; from amazing sceneries to sparkling sand beaches, rocky cliffs to heavy woods, and grand parties to amazing nightlife. For party animals, this place is a paradise. Dance to the tunes of the world’s best Dj’s and hottest artist performances. Enjoy staying at the hotels that exudes extravagance and fine dining leaving an unforgettable taste in your mouth.

Best time to visit: April to September

5. Monaco

The second smallest country of the world screams of extravagance and spoiling opulence in every inch of its area. One visit to the Port de Monaco will confirm your belief, for it houses the most luxurious and lavish of the boats, yachts and cruise ships. From an amazing nightlife to a laid back day dipped in utmost comfort, Monaco offers a perfect holiday in all respects.

Best time to visit: From April to October months of sunny days

6. Dubai

If you have the rare blend of being a shopaholic and have the means to afford the best, simply take a Dubai tourist visa and go Dubai. Oh, the place will mesmerize you with its beauty, extravagance, and grandeur. From the tallest skyscrapers in the world to the biggest malls, you name it and Dubai has it all. It also has the only ‘7 star hotel in the world’ offering a new meaning to affluence and comfort. Fine dining, unbelievable comfort, most romantic beach stays and the best of adventures, Dubai is home to the best of them all.

Best time to visit: September to February is the best time to visit this desert city.

7. Singapore

A recent favorite of the luxury hotspots, Singapore has the best of spas, resorts, fine dining, and amenities that makes it a loved destination by the elite class. From the best of casinos to the best names in the 5 star accommodations, Singapore exudes luxury everywhere. Enjoy dining at the best of restaurants and shopping brands from across the globe.

Best time to visit: October to February

8. Tahiti (French Polynesia)

The most difficult thing to do here is to stick to your budget; the place is for the ones without any constraints, literally. Comfortably located in the South Pacific halfway of New Zealand and Peru, Tahiti boasts of overwater bungalows, amazingly beautiful Polynesian islands, and turquoise blue waters that can make you look at it for hours together.

Best time to visit: between the beautiful months of May and October.

9. London, England

We all know it is one of the expensive cities of the world but why is it so? It’s because of the sheer opulence it has to offer. You take it or not, it’s up to you but for those who can take the pleasure of enjoying it, London can give you the best holiday experience of a lifetime. Revive your culinary senses with the exotic dining options and discover your inner sense of luxury with the most magnificent accommodation choices. As for attractions, we need not say anything, right!

Best time to visit: April to October can give the best of London

10. Paris, France

The most romantic city of the world can add a dash of ultimate luxury to your romantic holiday with its sense of Fashion, culinary and luxury. A timeless classic, it’s like a poem sung by everyone who visits it. Own priceless artistic treasures, enjoy laid back holiday with the best of hotels that offer a perfect balance of intimacy and at the blink- of- the- eye hospitality.

Best time to visit: from June to August the weather is just about perfect.

From living fairytales to being one with the marines, from feeling high with the mountains to soaking in to the city charm, our world has the best to offer for the ones who can afford the best. If you are one of those lucky few, see as much beauty as you can, for it is to be believed only when you see for yourself.

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