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All about sectional garage door operators

by lingyin (writer), , April 04, 2018

Introduce something about automation system, remote control transmitter and receiver kit. In addition, tell you something about how to control the rf system.

You have a sectional garage door and you would like to motorize it? That's a very good idea! Thanks to an automation system, you can open and close your garage door by simply pressing a switch or the button on a dedicated remote control. Comfort will be there and so will safety. For the sectional garage door operator, here is everything you need to know and do.

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Which operator should I use for my sectional garage door?

As you probably already know, there are different types of operators for garage door remote control. So you'll have to start by identifying the one that's right for you. For a sectional garage door, the choice is generally made between three main drive models:

The chain or belt motor: this type of motor is fixed on the ceiling and adapts according to the weight and height of the door.

The rack and pinion motor: the drive consists of a rail on which the motor moves and therefore opens or closes the door.

How to motorize your sectional garage door?

A sectional garage door can be motorized, even if it has been installed for a long time. To do this, simply follow these steps:

First of all, gather all the tools necessary for installation, namely the motor kit, dowels and screws, a meter, a pencil, a spirit level, a percussion drill, a concrete drill with a diameter of 8 mm, a metal drill with a 5 mm diameter, a ratchet, a cross-head screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, a screw driver, etc.

After you have gathered all the necessary materials, you can then proceed to the next step which consists in fixing the motor rails. To do this, first locate the middle of the last panel of your garage door. Then center the motor panel mounting plate and mark the drilling points with a pencil. Then drill the hole and fix it with the fixing screws.

Once this step is completed, it will now be necessary to prepare the motor rail that the ion must install. Here, what you need to do is assemble the rail head and install the chain clamp and tensioning remote control system. Then install the rail on the motor pinion and position the mounting brackets before placing the bracket on the rail and then the suspension brackets.

After this small preparation, comes then the time to install the motor rail. Here, it is important to position it correctly and to fix it above the lintel. At the rear, you will also have to position the rail in the centre of the profile and fix it with the suspension brackets. Then all that remains is to assemble the movable elbow arm on the plate.

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The installation is now almost finished and you only have to install the mechanical limit stop. To do this, you will have to open your garage door manually and locate the end position. Once you have located it, you need to place the mechanical stop.

Finally, it is the programming that takes place at the end of the installation. What you need to do here is connect the motor to an electrical outlet and program your remote control so that it can remotely control the automatic opening and closing of your sectional garage door.

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