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Latest Android Phones Reviews

Latest Android Phones Reviews

The latest reviews state that phones such as HTC Desire 626, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Apple i phone 6 plus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as the first and latest Android phones.


The latest Android phones are many and in different variety. They are reviewed almost daily comparing their features i.e. how fast, storage size, cameras ability to perform, ability to resist water, the video quality, the thinness and the weight. Most individuals are looking for the best of the best Android phones. The latest review of Android phones does not last for long since every month, every day there are reviews being brought out and is in relation to the user's side of view and also manufactures side. Galaxy S6 Edge can be the top rated today but by the next day Apple iphone plus will also be top rated. It all depends on how comfortable and helpful the features are the user.

Latest Reviewed Phones

The latest reviews state that phones such as HTC Desire 626, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Apple i phone 6 plus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as the first and latest Android phones. The best smart phone review states that they should have already made apps to cut down cost of downloading and installing them from the internet. Currently there are many choices for an android phone, both flagship and entry level. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was featured in the Android phone news for having and being extra ordinal and it is said that most customers know about it. Its difference with Galaxy S6 is not that much but its designer version gives real value to the money. In the best Android phones review the Galaxy S6 Edge costs $100 more than the S6.The HTC phone cannot be criticized easily since it is well made with extra ordinal features. It is colorful and rich. This phone is available in monthly installments ranging from $20 to $99 with different schemes and plans making it so reliable and affordable.

Features of the Latest Reviewed Android Phones

The Motorola Moto X-Pure Edition is so user friendly as featured in best Android phone reviews. It is uniquely designed and crafted body comfort ability making it unique from other Android phones. Featured in Android phone news it is said to be customizable via moto maker, water resistant 21MP rear camera and 5.7 inch display with QHD 2560P resolution .Sony Xperia Z3 featured in best Android phone reviews is the best followed by Z2,Z1 and the Z .The design is familiar though it is slimmer and sleeker .Xperia Z3 in the best Android phones updates was featured to have 5.2 inch full HD Triliminos Panel with X Reality, Snapdragon 801,2.5 GHZ Quad-Core processor and a 21 MP camera. It also has 3 GB RAM and 16/32 GB expandable up to 128 GB.

Manufactures take on the Review

Every manufacturer wants and desires that their Android phones feature in the best smart phone review, Android phone news or the best Android phone updates which help them make lots of profits and increase supply due to high demand. Therefore with every phone being feature the LG stand to offer the most with their latest flagship while maintaining the aesthetically unique and attractive design. It is featured in the best Android phones updates as having a lighting quick processor, big and bright Quad HD display and great camera that can shoot both SPE6 and raw file formats. It's also offering 100 GB free Google drive for two years. The LG phone has 3GB RAM,16MP rear camera with LED flash,8 MP front facing camera and 32 GB storage, expandable via micro SD up to 128GB.The latest Android phone review, in general involves all kinds of phones and rate them in relation to the opinion from the users.

Choosing Your Android Phone

Overview of all the best smart phones review is that the users should wisely decide on the best Android phone and the right one which reflects a true value for their money and can comply with their needs. Some individuals like the large sized smart phones others like the small sized. In general an Android phone whether micro or large size ones they all contain similar features. The newer Android phones have extra features but all the necessary and most features are held by each smart phone. Some are so reliable such that they can hold two Sim cards hence the individual is able to use them as they wish i.e. one to be used publicly the other for family members and friends. There is a feature in the Android phone that is so helpful i.e. the camera and the video recorder, this is because there is no need of calling the video and camera men during events.


Android phones can do all and better. The information technology has more positives than negatives. While the prices may vary depending on the manufacturer and point of sale, it's worth exploring the particular feature if the Android phone of your choice. This will help to find out whether it fits your lifestyle. Android phones are simply the best because they are fast and very reliable.

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