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Dos and Don'ts about Eye Lash Growth Products

Dos and Don'ts about Eye Lash Growth Products

Every woman wants longer, strong, lush eyelashes. If you follow these simple steps and guidelines, you will stand a better chance to deal with short, damaged and brittle lashes.

Have you ever tried eye lash extension? The results are indeed worth trying. Just like some celebrities, eye lash extensions to enhance their appearances. However, before you select eye lash growth products there are some things you should know including ingredients, duration before the results, and mode of application, your goals and safety. Here are dos and don'ts you should get familiar with when it comes to eye lash extension:

Do Your Research

The first step should be to carry your own research to learn about lash extension products. Identify a reputable eye lash extension product that actually works. It is important to read more information about the manufacturer. Professional lash technicians expertly examine you to find out if you qualify for lash extension and advice you for the best product to fit all your needs. For the best look, professional service providers are equipped with different types of lashes and will only use the high quality products. If they use several products from a discount supplier, it is a clear sign that they don't value your health and safety.

Avoid Tugging or Pulling

If you get a feeling that lash extensions are starting to fall off, there is no need to worry. They usually shed after they are applied. You should avoid pulling or tugging them as the temptation can occur. Pulling them can cause damage to your natural eyelashes. Use a spoolie brush for their maintenance but do not over-brush them. During your next touch-up appointment, the loose lashes are safely removed as new ones are reapplied. It is important to consult your lash expert if you decide to discontinue using lash extensions. He or she will professionally remove lash extensions using special solutions without causing damage to your natural lashes.

Avoid Oils or Moisture on Your Lashes

Using oil-based products or creams will loosen the bond between the lashes. This calls for extra caution when showering as you will have to avoid them getting in contact with shampoo or conditioner within 24 hours after they are applied. If you are determined to maintain them, it is worth wearing swimming goggles to keep them dry.

Don't Forget Taking Care of Your Lashes

For your lashes to stay intact and beautiful for a long duration, you must do everything at your scope to keep them dry for at least 24 hours after application. Avoid rooms with steam or yoga which can cause the lashes to stick together if not cured completely. When it comes to your natural lashes, use a growth serum and eyelash conditioner to maintain and make them stronger.

Do Watch Your Diet

A healthy diet is not only beneficial for your overall wellbeing, but also can influence proper growth of your eyelashes. There are some ingredients you should include in your diet for healthier and stronger eyelashes including vitamins E, C and H. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids helps in the natural growth of eyelash hair. In reference to University of Maryland Medical, omega-2 fatty acid helps the body to absorb the stated vitamins.

Do Have Patience

Eyelash growth products are not magic. Don't expect the results in a day or two. According to an American Hair Loss Association, lashes follow a very short growth phase, meaning your lashes fall off 30 to 45 days. You have to be patient as the re-growth of your lashes takes place. In the end, you will reap the best from your patience.

Do Throw Away Eyelash Growth Products

Since most eye lash growth products available in the market today are rave, you should consider going more natural. Some eyelash growth products contain chemicals which have the potential to trigger side effects including irritation and inflammation of the skin around your eyes.

Do Use Eyelash Growth Products

If you are completely determined to use eyelash growth products, nothing should stand your way. A few of these products contain clinically proven ingredients that are safe and effective for e.g. Idol lash, Revitalash, Smart lash, Rapidlash etc. Not all of these products will cause side effects or reactions.

Use Mild and Safe Makeup and Facial Cleansers

It is always important to ensure that all products you are using on your face are safe. Some of these products have the potential to cause side effects such as inflammation or irritation once they come in contact with your skin. Eyelash loss or breakage can also occur. It is worth carrying out a patch test before applying these products to your eyelash skin area.

Avoid Excessive Mascara and Eyeliner

Though mascara and eyeliner are both beneficial, overuse can be damaging to your skin. All the same, they can make you look beautiful and attractive. However, these can lead to lash loss or breakage. It is therefore advisable to use mascaras and eyeliners that are hypoallergenic and easy to remove. Constant tugging from the removal of these products can damage your lashes.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Your body being the temple deserves taking good care of it all the time. Smoking and alcoholism can interfere with how your body functions. Whereas smoking accelerates aging, drinking alcohol can affect some of your body's processes. You should therefore quit or cut the habits to start afresh.


Every woman wants longer, strong, lush eyelashes. If you follow these simple steps and guidelines, you will stand a better chance to deal with short, damaged and brittle lashes.

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