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How would you like to die? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, September 08, 2015

Most of us including me wonder about what fate has up its sleeve. Does fate even have a sleeve?


You wouldn't? Look,if you're the type who believes you won't and having latched onto the Holy Grail of longevity could you please send me your longevity personified prescription that portents your life is a never-ending piece of wrinkle- free physical chewing gum.

Iv'e left a two- line blank to allow you exemption from any further read on should you be the above and quite confident you are demise free.

What is death anyway but a conduit to a wonderful new world of opportunity where never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not blogging all day. But it is how you want to pass on i'm asking. My dad died on his li- low (an inflatable mattress) on his veranda the way he wanted...but alone. My brother said "gidday dad" thought he was asleep. After mowing my father's back lawn the little girl next door told my brother "I think Mr Jones is dead" and he was.

See my dad's family of 11 for the want of a better word- was different.

He never complained bitched or felt sorry for himself. His greatest attribute was the fact he had a positive negativity or vice-versa i never understood. The reason he wanted to just snuff off the planet and be judged without fuss? Had no one to look after him and he feared he would be just a burden on everyone in an old folk's groan. "Don't want to end my life looking over a restricting fence dribbling down my chin." So be it.

My mate's mum, full of vim when she was forced into a home, wept every time he came to see her simply because unlike the others she still had acuity, thought, she used to tell him how lonely she was because she couldn't converse with the others because of overwhelming various.

Most authors of note who have written, or are planning to write a best- seller novel of suspense filled with drama and ongoing exploits of the main hero, mostly kill off the great hunter after he is attacked and nobly defends himself, having lead a stella life of hunt. A gorilla manages in its death throes to kill Bungle Jim after his bungled rifle jambs, finding himself in a flurry of semi-detached bundle. A noble death. After all, being a devout hunter he's killed off most things moving and has run out of wild-life.

Obviously he's not going to die of a nagging headache. Or an infected toe having lost its fight with an ant. That would be an inglorious anti-climax.

Would you entertain the thought of dying after being sucked dry by a vampire perchance? Although when it's all sad and dumb i don't think the Taxation Department has enough employee vamps to go round?

Yes dying is a convoluted sport. Now there's a thought. You just kicked the winning goal in a sporting match and you drop dead of excitement! What a way to go! You've just knocked out the heavyweight champion of the world, but his heavy weight falls on you and just before you expire from suffocation you muffle out, "show me the money!"

I've always wondered if God predetermines our end of life? What do you think?

My end of life? Going to be the same as my dad's only a bit more painful methinks, but just like my dad it will end with no one able to care for me through circumstance. It's not a gripe, just reality. In the meantime live as long as you can. I wish you all the best and longevity to see your dreams fulfilled. And keep away from gorillas and Taxation Vampires...they'll suck the life out of you and leave you minus a bundle. Goodnight and sweet dreams, the ones that bring good fortune. :>)

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 09, 2015 at 01:29 pm

Not sure if this is being a coward or not, but I pray that I just go to sleep and not wake up....simple, and peaceful. No fanfare. I have already told my children my wishes, cremation. have a party and celebrate my life. The Irish in me...I do believe that we die when our purpose has been completed on earth. Destiny, be it...

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By riginal on September 09, 2015 at 07:59 pm

Nup, that's not cowardly at all Twinkletoes. It's one thing for science to extend life but i believe that 'purpose' and quality of life should take precedence over extentionizm. I am of the firm belief we are comical sometimes tragic ants running hither and thither at the behest/amusement of something or someone that has stretched the 'cut off' date for all those scrabblers to enable them to pay their mortgages off? I personally don't get the punchline at all but perhaps as individuals we're supposed to create our own and the important thing is to die laughing at ourselves and what we have or haven't achieved. Achievment/dreams being the crumb dangling seductively in front of the bewildered ants, just ever so slightly out of reach. For a purpose no doubt? You are already living yours. When i was a kid i wanted to let the world know how brilliant i was at nothing. Then i realized the ants i befriended were wearing ant-static earmuffs. Just a coincidence i'm sure? Take care Ms Indepenance. :>)

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