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by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), September 04, 2015

Someone somewhere dreaming and fluttering to go out into the big world for dazzling success and they will… life will go on...Story Repeats...

No longer the small cluster have remained the same…no longer the billowing smoke dance over the shanties…no longer the sublime serenity of evening crafts the imagination of a young boy, to look beyond of his success and today he is back…Back from the tinsel town , where he earned his success…he remained confined to the world with thatched shanties all around…He wrestled his way to stardom see no longer the flickering dim light from the shanties…Everything has changed…But why he is here? He has come back…he is tired…he is looking for something…If that so, what’s that, he is looking for…Why fo all these years, he has not visited…Few comes out of their huts and quietly watch this man…They have no question to ask…They are quiet…They hardly know him..he walks up further to a dilapidated shanty …why he approaches that particular shanty only…He is familiar about that…He knocks the broken door…no reply from inside…From the adjoining shanty a man comes out and says…”Knock it hard man…Kathi Baba is hard of hearing …by the way he is ill; why you want to disturb him at this hour…”…He silently wait and decides not to knock, rather prefers to settle down next to the door …In that given space he begins to embrace the space of the lost time and that little space could comfort him …He is calm…everything around now so familiar…Darkness soon turns into a friendly companion and the night regains the firm hold from the parting daylight.

He knows this night so well…after long time he is back to be with night…”Yes, long time…”…He murmurs, to himself…He looks up…sky is crystal clear…tiny stars all up there invites him with its mystic twinkle…The mild slicing wind builds an acoustic wonder…the insects crawls out shyly to see this man as an intruder…

Yes this man left this place many years ago to earn success…He is back, tired and haggard…He is back to find his roots…he is back with many scars…he left his father many years back and he is back to own his father…he disowned him as an unwanted piece of connection…tonight he is here to rewrite his life…he is here to find his lost childhood…He want to be here for the rest of his life…

Next day morning people found that man lying dead, next to kathi baba’s door…In his pocked an old photograph of a man with small child found and back of that written “KATHI BABA-MY FATHER”…

That night Kathi Baba too passed away…No one to cry...the sordid affair of one’s life comes to an end…

Someone somewhere dreaming and fluttering to go out into the big world for dazzling success and they will… life will go on...Story Repeats...

-Uttam Gill

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 04, 2015 at 11:41 am

Oh Uttam, this is so beautifuly written, touching so many different emotions. Life in all of it complexity, the joys, the searching for our place in this world, the longing to rise above, to make a better world for our children. In the end, life does come full circle and we long to connect with our roots, our core. I pray Kati Baba passed painlessly in his sleep. As I have gotten older I have also had some unknown desire calling my name, to somehow understand and connect to all I lost as a young girl. Finding peace, knowing this is impossible in reality, as I lost my birth family too many years ago...but I have traveled there in my dreams, embraced this part of me, and made peace to lay it down....Life comes full circle. Even though my Kathi Baba never knew, I sent him over to the next world with my prayers for his next journey....Simply heart-touching Uttam....keep it up...

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By Uttam Gill on September 09, 2015 at 02:15 am

Thanks a lot Barb for your comments...I am certainly so over whelmed by your comprehension of my article...You have so soulfully mentionerd in your comments and that itself is a testimoney of your understanding to the scenario s of life under which we all so painfully go through...this story is my real time observations that how life sucks...What more a writer needs when he sees that his story is understood in right perspective...Thanks for your indepth comprehension and I am glad that with some part of this story you could connect yourself...

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