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A millionaire in three months! RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, September 01, 2015

That's what Walter Green claims he'll make you whether you like it or not...........................?


I guess if i wanted to be rude i could have spelt 'Fakir' a tad different pursuant to the end result when you emulate a clumsy oaf 'tradie' after you miss the nail with the hammer of Thor (and it is Thor!). A Christian worth his/her digits would exclaim-"far out!"

See, being broke like most people of the world, living from baked bean can to the next, i was surprised when a video popped up on the net and started spilling the beans on a broadly- based (proven scam) by a Mr Walter Green, of 'Free Money System' pursuit, he promises to make you a millionaire in three months with $1.843,207,48 cents. Might have made a mistake here, could have been 49 cents?

Basically it costs no money except $200 they sort of mention somewhat vaguely towards the end which is surely a piffling amount because a team of experts expert at pressing a key on their laptops manage your portfolio of Binary Options which are in turn bets placed on a 50/50 basis pon whether their investment on your behalf (cajoled into contributing substantially more on sign up) on the stock exchange goes up...or has a stack up and goes down.

As the scam investigator puts it simply,take your life savings and put it on the red or black on a roulette wheel in slack Vegas. Sorry, alas Vegas. Same odds. AND! wait for it,the offer is only open to 7 people because Walter has earned 48 mill using this very same principle that has turned his life around from being "a washed up unemployed silly old duffer ex law firm having to look my wife in the eye when the bills came billing and nearly losing my house!" A friend then rang when he was at his lowest ebb (the sunken bath in the basement?) to turn him via the free money system into a "i feel guilty about being rich as" to "i'm going to help a few other people get rich" out of the goodness of his heart.

I thought wow! I'm a complete stranger on the skids and Captain Marvelous is going to in 3 months make me a millionaire "whether you like it or not!" Oh Walter how damn dare you threaten me with that. I couldn't stand it. I'm in love with broke. I've worked hard all my life to achieve this status!

Anyway, if you want more info on this scam look up the site using 'is the Free Money System a scam' for yourself. Yes, people have been ripped off. Oh, and the actors who pop up in the video claiming they are set for life now thanks to Walter? Can't be traced. Maybe they were out of range in their yachts? Bathtubs in the basement? :>) By the way, places in the investment are unlimited after the chosen 7 are carefully hand- picked wallet- pocketed.

Have any of you guys lost money in such a scheme? You have? Well, here is a way to get your money back. I have a foolproof scheme. I have an invention if you wish to invest. It's a wireless mouse. But when you come to think of it why would a mouse want a wireless anyway? a get fit CD to run round and round on yes. Just be careful. There's shysters out there in them thar hills but i know they'd have to get up pretty damn early to fool you people. Best of luck.:>)

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By riginal on September 17, 2015 at 12:03 am


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By Barbara MacDonald on September 19, 2015 at 02:32 pm we have to dress in armor to be on the internet? What amazes me is that so many smart people are so easily scammed? If something seems too good to be true, it generally is NOT true...>)

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 19, 2015 at 02:33 pm

LOL... I gave myself a -1...hee hee...

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