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7 Advantages of Thermal Paper

by Asit Roy (writer), New Delhi, August 21, 2015

?Thermal paper is a fine kind of paper that is coated with chemicals and grants ink-less printing. The paper is coated so that it becomes sensitive to heat.

Thermal paper is a fine kind of paper that is coated with chemicals and grants ink-less printing. The paper is coated so that it becomes sensitive to heat. The heat via the printer allows sharp and clear images.

Such papers are commonly used for inexpensive devices and thermal printing such as cash memos etc.

Printing on such papers gives you sharp, clear and high definition images at affordable prices.

Thermal papers are necessary for thermal printers or devices which are basically useful for the running of business in today’s world. The cost involved is comparatively lower than ink jet printers.

Apart from the above, there are lots of other advantages of thermal papers. They are listed below.


Thermal papers and printers are a cheap alternative from the economic point of view. They have proved to be advantageous as they save the cost of ink.

Thermal papers are covered with chemicals and dye which change their colour when exposed to heat.

Thus, opting for thermal printers helps you cut down your costs as they don’t require ink to operate.

High-quality images

The images created on thermal papers are sharper, clearer and of high-definition. Thus, they are widely used everywhere, from hospitals to grocery stores helping customers easily. The accuracy of the printout is uncritical and complimentary.


Thermal paper printers are available in all sizes to suit your needs. They can be lightweight to be transported or kept anywhere be it a roadside shop or a departmental store. These thermal paper printers are as small as a credit card machine. They don’t occupy massive space and are easy to use.

Environment Friendly

Thermal papers are environment friendly. It is still unknown if they can be recycled or not but they surely can save natural resources and contribute in retaining the greenery of our planet. These papers may seem to be less bright but printing on these papers gives darker images.

Low maintenance cost

Thermal papers are composed of fewer components and thus become a reliable, durable and cost-effective way to provide services. Fewer moving parts lead to lesser damage and thus, allows you to cut down on your cost.

The system is compact, simple for operation and involves low maintenance costs.

Pleasant experience

As against traditional printing methods, thermal printers are comparatively silent. Some inkjet printers create quite a lot of noise which becomes problematic with high volume of printing. Thermal printers do not do any of this and give an overall pleasant experience.

Other features

Thermal paper printers can scan a receipt directly, can perform transactions like returns and exchanges and prevent the falsity of receipts.

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