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Best places of part-time job singapore

by part time job (writer), , August 13, 2015

a lot of students choose to work in the school during the period of school, one is can alleviate the pressure of the money, another one is can increase working experience.

Singapore has strict rules on floating population to find a new job , get a student visa in Singapore is normally does not have the qualification for working off-campus, so a lot of students choose to work in the school during the period of school, one is can alleviate the pressure of the money, another one is can increase working experience.Singapore universities also advocate the students part-time on campus, campus jobs are very willing to recruit students, here are a few common sites in work-study programs.

Students' dormitory

This is the place where produce most part time jobs for students, from student dormitory at the front desk consultation, mail, student activities planning, check in and out of the student id card, cleaning and so on.An application for student dormitory is often open only to live in the school classmates.A lot of work off campus, the student dormitory of RA (resident assistant) is the most busy but can exercise spoken language.Imagine a dormitory building who is living from around the world because the life of all sorts of trouble to find you pour out or seek help, for the language ability is self-evident, for interpersonal exercise is a rare opportunity.Many universities are a floor with an RA. The RA except salary can also take a lot of welfare facilities, such as preferred dormitory, preferred roommate.But also test students' patience, sometimes need to convey information door to door, so on the surface shallow classmates are a good exercise.

The student services centre

Each semester is the busiest time of the student services centre, all kinds of formalities need a large number of assistants, such as student status registration and vaccine records and so on, these work only after the teacher for advice is simple, but Singapore students to find such work, except to be fluent in English, the heaviest if apply for at least a week before the opening time, just for a lot of fresh students is difficult to seize the chance.

On-campus part-time is not only convenient but also the time is flexible, the security is much higher than off-campus part-time.So in the case of no delay academic, doing some part time jobs for students are beneficial.

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By SusanA on October 08, 2015 at 01:42 am

Yes, students who are working is a wide-spread phenomenon. The reasons why they are searching for a job are different but the main one is the money. I read an interesting article at which can help to get hired after the graduation or even during the student's years. I hope it'will help you.

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