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Important Tips and Details on Performance-Intensive Archery

Intensive Archery

Ways in which beginners in archery can gather details on the competitions to make their preparations tuned.

Beginners in archery don’t get to attend high-performance competitions. They are far from reaching the level that the participants possess. But while they prepare to sharpen their archery skills, they can gather details on the competitions to make their preparations tuned.

Competitive archery tournaments

Assuming you are an aspiring archer, you need to watch competitive archery tournaments frequently. That can help you get a grasp of how they work. If you are an absolute beginner (someone who never picked up a bow), then be the first one to enter the stadium (no pun intended).

Communication is the key

Experienced archers are friendly. They can give you tips, which could take your level a few notches up. But even though they are friendly, don’t get too chatty with them. Everyone likes privacy, respect theirs and they’d form a good impression about you. In the field, communicate with spectators, ask them if you don’t understand something.

The archery season

All seasons are archery seasons!

That’s right.

There's no definitive season for archery. An archer can shoot any time during the year. Some months of a year are suitable for outdoor archery; those months make up the outdoor seasons. Spring and summer are two such seasons. Similarly, the colder months are for shooting indoor, which makes winter the indoor shooting season.

So practice indoor if it's fall or winter, and go out to the field if it's spring or summer. If you don't follow this simple rule, your practice may get disrupted. For example, when you shoot in the field during winter, your hands will feel terribly shaky.

Will you still be able to hit the target?

Probably not.

Tournament season

It’s a no-brainer that most archery tournaments (if not all) are hosted during the outdoor season. Under the glowing sun, the archers shoot, and bystanders come in droves.

During the outdoor season, the weather stays good. You don't hear bad weather prediction on the radio during the summer or the spring, do you? The sky looks clear with no cloud. The soft breeze doesn't make the arrow struggle to settle at the target.

Indoor tournaments

Does that mean archery competitions are held only during the outdoor season?

Not really. The indoor archery competitions take place during the winter. Since indoor, the archery environment stays more controlled. The distance between the target and the archer stays closer than that in outdoor archery. In archery tournaments in the US, this distance is 18 meters.

Choose your tournament

When climbing the staircase, you can't jump from the first stair to the sixth. You can, but it has its consequences (and you know that, that’s why you don’t jump). The same thing applies to archery. If you have been into archery for last one month, you can’t legitimately expect to join an international tournament.

What suits you at this level is local archery competitions. After walking further into the groove, you can join regional tournaments. A few years of rigorous practice can do absolute wonder; it can make you ready for a bigger tournament.

So choose a tournament based on your level of expertise.

The tips that you need

At each stage, you need tips. Those tips will not only help you shoot better, but also make you familiar with competition archery as a whole. Here they come:

Tip1: Learn to tune archery equipment such as bow, arrows, bow string, etc.

Tip2: Keep your fingers flexible, so they can quickly move.

Tip3: Remember, practice is good, but over-practice is not.

Tip4: Shed off anxiety and inhibition, it will help you perform better.

Tip5: Set goals that are realistic and attainable.

Tip6: Keep visualizing. The more you visualize yourself in the tournament, the better will become your performance.

Tip7: Know all the rules, knowledge is power!

Tip8: Check the weather. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather.

Tip9: Physical fitness matters for better performance. So keep yourself fit.

Tip10: Increase the power of your eyes. Make your eyesight set for longer distances.

Dream big

Dreaming realistic doesn’t mean dreaming small. You can dream big and yet, make that dream come true through sheer diligence and perseverance. There's nothing wrong in dreaming if you do all the hard work to turn that dream into a reality. So while you dream to be an archery champion someday, get rolled over by the hard work to realize your dream.

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