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How To Write A Gripping Text: 6 Working Methods

by janarookard (writer), , July 27, 2015

This post can be of great use to everyone who writes on a regular basis and wants to be better at it.

One of the common myths about the writing skills is that it is something that you are born with and cannot learn. Actually it is not like that at all. Surely, there have been some talented writers who could write memorizing texts knowing nothing about what they do. However, in most cases, about 90% of success depends on hard work and persistence and only 10% of it is about talent. Every person who truly wants it can write if not genius, but solid texts that will capture readers’ attention and keep it to the very last word. Here are some tips for such people.

1. Get your readers interested from the first sentence

This is one of the most important and yet difficult tasks for a writer. The first sentence of your text has to catch people’s attention. Don’t overdo it though; if you make the first sentence super exciting but the rest of the text is about something quite boring, your readers will feel cheated. Here are some good examples for the beginning of your text:

·Ask a provocative question – “Do you know what unites a blog and fast-food?”

·Use a quote – “Ernest Hemingway once said: “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

·Statistics – “According to the statistic, 99% of bloggers experience a writing stupor!”

·A story – “The other day I felt like a great physicist. An apple fell on my head…”

2. Check every single sentence

And it is not about spelling here. You can make spelling or grammar mistakes once in a while but still produce great texts. The main task here is to keep readers’ attention. The Internet offers so many sources of information today and going from one to the other is so easy that any sentence with slow dynamics can be the reason of going to the next site.

Therefore, try to make every word interesting and useful for your readers. The best way to check it is to give your text to someone to read. If you see that a person is not captured by the reading, maybe you need to make some changes.

3. Shorter!

The fashion to write long intricate sentences stayed in the nineteenth century when the time was unhurried and people were thoughtful and even meditative. Now everyone is extremely busy and doesn’t have enough time for multistage narrations. The best way to check it here is to read your text out loud. If you cannot read some sentences on one breath, maybe you should shorten them or divide into several small sentences.

4. Be simple

Some writers often feel the desire to pull something unbelievably smart. Suppress this desire at the very start and never use too many scientific, professional or slang words unless you write something for scientists, professionals or excessive slang users.

5. Make your text unique (even if the idea is banal)

Let’s face it: thinking of something fundamentally new today is quite difficult. Every epiphany that you have, typed in Google can show you many proofs that some people had thought about it first. What do you do with it?

Find a new angle. If the Internet is full of articles about the advantages of freelance, write a post about the reasons you shouldn’t do freelance. Every cliché topic may seem new if you find the right way to put it.

6. Make an impressive ending

After you got people interested and then described the issue and solutions to it, it is the time to get to the conclusion. Sometimes it is even harder to write a conclusion than to write an introduction. The regular conclusion usually repeats the main topic of your text and that can be quite boring for readers.

The more interesting would be to use the techniques of the detective story writers who often put the solution to the whole story to the very last sentence. Add some dynamics with an unexpected question, controversial conclusion or the original view on the topic. Do everything not to make your readers indifferent and passive.

Hopefully, these tips will help you write gripping texts. Good luck!

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By Robert Johnes on July 28, 2015 at 01:25 am

Yes, these tips will work well. Being simple will always makes good in writing. Readers look for items which can influence their heart and it can be possible if they get what the author mean it. Great tips and I support this. Get professional writing help from experts.

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By artems on August 18, 2015 at 04:11 am

These tips can be very useful. Thanks :) There is one more way out to write an understandable and gripping text - get online essay writing help.

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By levineblanca on August 22, 2015 at 02:11 am

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