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Make Your Party the One to Remember

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, July 21, 2015


Easy tips on how to plan the best summer party ever!

We’d all like to be able to make a spontaneous, kickass party, with hardly any planning involved, but the harsh reality is that the best parties end up being those planned weeks in advance. It is no wonder that the first thing that comes to mind after mentioning party planning to some people is stress. Let’s be real – if you intend on doing all of it in a matter of couple days, you’re bound not only to sprain your brain, but very likely forget something basic, yet crucial. Therefore, we’ve gathered a couple of tips for your convenience.

Always make an invitation list

I know, it is hard deciding who to intentionally leave out, but this is a fundamental part of the whole planning ritual. Make sure you start off with those closest to you, like family, close friends, and then extend your invitation list, step by step. Seeing as how around 70% of those invited actually manage to attend the gathering, it is generally advised to invite 20% more people than you can fit, to avoid a bunch of empty space, as this makes people uncomfortable.

The age of paper invitations is long gone

The conveniences of email and social networking is that this way you save up hours of mindless writing/typing and exchange that time for brief 20 minute ballpark.

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Spend at least a day preparing the party music playlist

For individual wishes, there’s always YouTube. In fact, make at least a couple of lists for different moods following the usual party timeline. You’ll want to focus on 90% of uppers, and perhaps a couple of slow-dancing songs for the point when everyone is dazed and mellow. Feel free to let various attendees choose the songs, this usually keeps the spirit flowing. Or opt for that one specific friend that simply knows what people want to jump and dance to, everyone knows one of their kind!

Keep things simple

Unless you’re planning for a wedding reception, or a graduation party, it is convenient to know that 90% of your attendees only care about socializing, booze and food. On that note, keep in mind that beer is a universal alcoholic beverage. Come on, everyone drinks it! Start by already presuming that everyone will be drinking it, and work on the rest of your beverage list from experience. Try and recall what each of your friend’s poison of preference is. As for the food, be sure to stick with salty foods in forms of chips and nuts.

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Always go plastic

Don’t you dare put that priceless china at risk! There’s bound to be at least a certain amount of beverage and food spilled, there is no denying this, so at least save yourself (and everyone’s feet) from broken glass and ceramic and buy a bunch of plastic cups and plates. It is usually advised to buy at least twice the amount of each to the number of guests you’ve invited (not the mentioned 70% you’re expecting to attend). This way, you’ll make sure that there’s little chance of suffering from supplies deficit. If you’re planning on organizing a summer event, feel free to check out Personalized Stubby Coolers that come in many shapes, colors and sizes and can certainly fit any possible theme (if any) you’ve had for your party.

Now is the time to slowly bring the planning to an end

Think about the layout: what is the best place for that big table? Put your beverage on ice. Call a friend or two to help you with the preparations. In addition, they may point you towards the things you may have missed and, at the very least, can help you with the checklist. Lock those rooms that you do not wish entered, and write down a couple of notes to stick to walls and doors that outline the general rules of the event. After all, it is your home that’s in question. To bring things to an end, always be neighborly and inform those living in the proximity that you’re planning on making a party, at least a couple of days before. If you’re feeling real friendly, invite them over too!

A day before the event, spend some time thinking on what you may have overlooked. Think bottle openers, extra ashtrays, dusters, bandages, bottled water. Consider borrowing some extra plastic chairs, blankets to sit on if you own a garden. Tell your musician friend to bring an acoustic guitar and this can become a night to remember.

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