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Is Military Operation Jade Helm Committing Treason In USA

Credit: Anonymous
U.S. Constitution Quote

Texas and Utah are considered " Hostile Territory " in a 7 State unprecedented Military Training beginning July 13, 2015 because the citizens love guns, religion and the poetic Constitution

South is to North
Presidents change,
the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights remains,
foreign banks,
enemies to the Patriots speak violence
it is just a piece of paper
conform in silence
which is like saying a;

Bible is just a Book
Torah is just a Text
Koran is just a Lesson

Truth is timeless, Human Rights resonate in the soul of the children of Abraham.

Divinely inspired documents are recognized, recorded and remembered.

Soldiers feet march in Texas at midnight July 13, 2015
Operation Jade Helm 15
a military coup training will cover 7 states;
New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado
Lone Star State bends but won't break under threat,
Utah refuses to surrender to the Global Banking Elite.
Bullet Proof armored cars, HUMvs, Tanks
piling up in the historically racist town of Bastrop,
like Vidor's KKK, Aryan, Eugenics, Neo-Nazi cave,
on racisms ancient clock

Melanin people of color run for cover,
never give up your guns, beer or bbq
Martial Law is covertly coming,
re-education facilities established
like China did to implement Communism,
satanists communists fascists
one under the sun of corruption

Oil is the currency,
Military is the new Police,
China and the World Banks want payment for their debt,
usher in Corporations to use military to seize
They are already on our property,
racism hiding in plane sight,
what happens when enemies are double-agents
in your own military force,

Rumsfeld violated the Constitution
like Isis rapes children,
in the name of shaming M-
when Divinity has nothing to do with your Hatred,
Hoover rolls over in his grave as
911 exploded the republic economy
selling off a chunk of our military arsenal to communism,
everyone in the South knows
the Bush family gained their fortune as Nazi's.

Take a stand or be forced to run, 2nd Amendment, starlight battle is on, as they want our Capitol and our Nation.

Prince is like Kony,
Cheney of KBR is like Jalisco Drug Cartel
dishonorable soldiers,
black widow pedophiles with armor and guns
39.5 Billion in war contracts
red drops of TREASON
refugee children without family
orphans searching for reasons

Black is Monsanto's dirty Water
contracting intimidation
Total Intelligence Solutions and NSA
tactics to implement
a one world ego based

Plant the deadly hybrid seed, populations reducing

Irish-American Knight of Malta
John Francis Queeny
30-year veteran of pharmaceutical industry
Italian-American Roman-Catholic
Meyers Brothers Drug Company

1930 hybrid corn born
murdering Mexico's indigenous blue lines
industrial chemicals
biotech dreaming

Nightmare wakes into real life, people are screaming

DeKalb AgResearch Corporation
now known as Monsanto,
managed by fake royalty out of the U.A.E.

WW2 Nuclear bombs
Roundup the poison
Agricultural products
Manhattan Project, uranium
Create Agent Orange,
Dow Chemicals too

Herbicidal Warfare program
500,000 Vietnamese children born with birth defects,
covered a prosperous truth of mass muerte

Where American soldiers also were breathing, eating sickly sleeping, paying the cost of our families freedom

Atomic Energy Commission
Somalia's pirates are pirating
in an effort
to stop the toxic nuclear dumping
it's killing our children
Gaia's earth song turns to weeping

Suing poor farmers to steal land
feeding pregnant women uranium
pockets lined with money
political hands,

Evil agenda too dark to comprehend

PCB's cancerous lies
omnipresent in the blood and tissues of humans and wildlife
50% of the rats subjected died
production of toxic GMO food
unlabeled in grocery store isles

Come eat the buffet minority children

Nutra-sweet and Sweet-n-Low
1900 bittersweet lullaby-ies
food ingredients
arsenic in apple juice and chicken

rGBT and rBST
guaranteed breast and prostate cancer
injected as hormones in milk supplies
now babies sleeping
never opening eyes
flouride in the water


Don't drink
unboiled H2o
Dead Creek in Sauget
Creve Coeur
bodies petrified remain in toxic vats

1933 Monsanto incorporated, strategic soft kill, war lies in the dark predator to prey

herbicide 2,4,5-T,
American Viscose
salicylic acid
Rubber Services Laboratories
urethane foam

Resinox, subsidiary of Corn Products
manufactures Commercial Solvents,
plastic phenol-formaldehyde thermosetting
inphenolic resins
Disneylands House of the Future, can't tear it down
Wrecking balls bounce

Cellulose and vinyl plastics
Binding Ramen noodles
is nacho cheese really cheese
mmm tasty plastic
eaten en masses

Upton Sinclairs the Jungle, sets a standard

Monsanto Electronics Co. in Palo Alto,
silicon manufacturer
enlarging the breasts
bringing mastectomy disaster

artifical butter,
hydrogenated vegetable shortening
what are you eating
Unnatural options

Guts busting open like
hybrid bees and butterflies
landing on genetically modified plants
unable to fly
peregrine falcon endangered
DDT profits

Scientists say
we are losing species
at a rate of 1000 to 10,000 a day
Priority is to save the voiceless

All life is precious, species are sacred, chemical companies have no right to destroy what they never created

Germany's Saccharin
insert Coca-cola
Nazi J. P. Morgan, where is your money
Papal Knight of the Order Saints Maurice and Lazarus
John A. Farrell as its president
U.S. Steel Corporation
Fritz Thyssen

for future gas chamber developments

Masonic " Court Jews, "
not born of bloodlines
are appointed by the Pope of Rome
Holy Roman Empire known as,

European Union
injected Bovine Growth Hormone
into American cattle
but his Holyness, won't eat US Beef

1985 Aspartame neuro-toxin
Drink up the Pepsi
hitting shelves
grand mal seizures
drop baby lab monkeys
swinging from trees

Swann detergent, toxic soap on a rope

ABC Disney
Murdoch shags Fox
controlling media outlets
GMO Cotton
killing India's farmers via suicide crops

Knights of the Order of St. Gregory
allies to communist regimes
company offices in Shanghai
joint venture in Japan
how far to fall
into enemy hands

Town of Monsanto incorporates,
later renamed Sauget, Illinois

Old Vets blow it up, no other choice

Monsanto entered into a joint venture with IG Farben
German chemical firm
financial core of the Hitler regime,
supported by whack bush
communist lovers,
Hoover hated them,
Supplier of Zyklon-B gas to the facist government
extermination phase of the Holocaust;
IG Farben was not dissolved until 2003

Replaced by ties with Russia, North Korea, China, Saudis, Aryans in France and Canada

a domestic producer
of German chemicals
ripped out of library books
leaked into FDA labs
toxic food tested
phenol as an antiseptic,
acetylsalicyclic acid,
we need aspirin

Our global migraine is bad, honey no time for lovin

Sip wine of CODEX
poison never tasted so good,
NYC S510 passed,
making growing your own garden illegal,
tend the lawn with fertilizer
petrochemical plastics in your cup
manufacture of phosphorus
hazardous waste
creatures of the earth
drink it up

Like the town of Anniston, Alabama still cleaning the crud

Dioxin takes down VETS,
one by one
Lysol, Windex, Clorox, Rubber
activates dormit poison in the body
no regrets
pollutes the water system
Life Sciences Company
is no Solutia

Dekalb Genetics Corp
seed corn
soybean markets
destroying original plants

Monopolizing global food production for a Nazi agenda, according to the Jewish council " never dies."

Life sciences field, Inc.
body aches profits of
Your mind should be clear enough,
you are what you eat next

Pharmaceuticals controlled by eugenics, think.

Hawaii won in court
rainbow Papaya's & Pineapples deadly spread
overthrown Frankin-Apple
by a Judge and Politicians financial desire instead,

Selling out beauty of the islands to death

America cannot fall for we are the country
empowering the dreams of immigrants
making the impossible possible,
we grant freedom of religious choice
instead of murder to conform
because Elohim, Allah, and Yahweh
give each of us a spiritual choice to believe or not,

Red is the list, till the river of our legacy runs dry,
Safe and sound at our families southern gate
Faith and Hope,
the Eagle of Love still flies,
even as the waters of change rise.

Chemical companies like Monsanto
want no oversight
disregard and disrespect
choke out all life
Constitutional Law

Supporting a USDA regulatory framework
paid for by a illegal corporation monopoly
supporting a slave labor work force
dirt for wages
treasonous science

Defined by the International Court as Crimes against Humanity; covert murder, extermination (via chemical and biological warfare)
inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury.

CONFIDENTIAL: Unite and Destroy Monsanto and their Allies in order for Humanity to Survive

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Native Texan full of Southern Charm, ;) Art Director and Fashion Photographer with a background in Luxury Apparel. Producer of a Television show called " Art4Charity " that spotlights Philanthropists, non-profits, volunteers, and companies doing positive deeds around the world. Volunteer Art Therapy teacher to homeless children and activist.
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By riginal on July 15, 2015 at 01:57 pm

yep...some butt heads still think the Marlboro man's horse's breath he inhaled inadvertantly caused the wanker's death...though it doesn't seem to have stopped the die hards who die hard and in the firm belief second hand smoking and secondhand countries are not bad for your health. Not sure whether you mentioned the ciggie ingredients most romantic partners still flick up on after the most wonderous pollution free act God gave mankind. Can't wait til the U.S.A. discovers another nearly stuffed planet such as ours that we can leave future generations. It's all up to the bees and like it or not Australia sent millions overseas to save dying bee populations,and as we all know, no bees no life. Nice to read someone cares, sobering as it is. And yet China is buying billions of dollars of good clean land here...yet no land is for sale in least if you lived in China you wouldn't have to roll a smoke...just step outside and roll round in it. Yet China isn't forced to cough up for their indiscretion. Yep, money is a poor salve for conscience scrapes...but then most of our leaders seem to wear kevlar impregnated suits...and impregnable forts of thought bent/reinforced to suit hell with the T-shirt brigade. The art of deflection.

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