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Custom Browser Software

by Dmitry Khodarenok (writer), , July 10, 2015

Monotony finds permanent residence where there is no variety.

Monotony finds permanent residence where there is no variety. What is the point of a technological world that we are a part of if we cannot personalise the graphic user interface for each and eatery user in whichever place he or she chooses to bring a change? It cannot be denied that over the past few years the very experience with the internet browser has changed tremendously with more and more features being added which allow people to browse as a private person without leaving footprints that can be traced by people to know what exactly your life was in the virtual world, which makes private browsing nothing short of a boon. However, what has emerged as a stronger contributor to the user experience is the feature of extensions which make a difference to the overall experience like no other. Like in all systems, reaching perfection here in this case too is almost an impossibility which cannot practically be aspired for, but what we can do as a matter of fact is to work towards this perfection which is what Dmitry Khodarenok has been trying to do since 2003 when he first started designing softwares professionally, such that he has a wide range of services now which include different custom softwares which includes custom android software, and with these following additions to the given extensions, he is making browsing a unique and beautiful experience.

Among the many ways that he has engaged with add-ons into making browsing a truly exquisite experience, one is the Internet Explorer add-on development which he has done with the simple employment of C++. In addition to this, he also offers the Browser Extension Development which works to boost the productivity of the bowser which is to say that it ensures the longevity of the structure without meddling with its content, and therefore something remarkable to be in the know-how of. Similarly for Firefox is the Custom Firefox Developer which like in the case of Browser Extension Development in general is made from HTML and the famed JavaScript, with more complex extensions made with C++, which is also true for the Custom Chrome extensions which extend the functionality of the browser.

Another way in which Khodarenok is transforming the browsing experience as we know it is by adding marvels to the browser toolbar wherein his work is across all possible facets of browser interactions with his work making itself visible through such features as page modifications, something as necessary but equally difficult to engage with as video downloaders, the impossible to understand dynamics of code injection, or simply the sheer experience of the user site interaction, working also in the nuances of Facebook integration which he has mastered. An expert at the browser toolbar experience, he holds the ability to initiate a relationship between a user and his/her computer that is absolutely singular in the man-computer interaction wherein the browser would open at the click of the cursor in any manner you want, thus facilitating an experience which has a lasting effect on you, enabling you to remember for a long time everything you did and the ease with which you could do it, and for being able to provide this ease, Khodarenok has achieved a good lot.

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