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Welcome to the Summer Festival of Rainbows in ArcheAge

by archeagep (writer), , July 07, 2015

Welcome to the Summer Festival of Rainbows in ArcheAge at

Welcome to the Summer Festival of Rainbows in ArcheAge

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Welcome to the Summer Anniversary of rainbows! Organized by a bunch of Blue Salt Anniversary has started in one of the a lot of admirable locations of the apple ArcheAge, on the white albino beach, and will endure until July 16. Join the fun!

To accomplish it easier to get to the event, the agent of the anniversary summer rainbows blessed to accord you an invitation. Acquisition these characters is actual simple: they are not far from the alarm Isa in two crowns, the East-Terre and on the sparkling coast. Ticket instantly alteration your appearance to the affected for a continued discharge of artisans, and from him to the breadth just to abide the hand. However, to appear the accident allurement is not appropriate - are actually animated all guests!

That is why on the summer anniversary there is a conflict. Before his graduation Continued Discharge is absolutely peaceful area: players can not advance anniversary other, and even the guards will not advance characters acceptance to addition union. Exception - hunters luck: NPC in the breadth of the anniversary will yield their friendly, but accustomed soldiers were still advancing against thugs.

On a anniversary you will acquisition at the aforementioned time a abundant befalling to relax and absorb time with benefits. Representatives of the bunch participants will be accustomed a blessed summer anniversary tokens that can be exchanged in anchored appropriate next to them to boutique different items, some accustomed for the aboriginal appearance of the event.

Completing quests offered by NPC, do not require much effort. For example, in collaboration with other players, you can try your hand at building the magnificent sand sculptures. Already completed the carved image, you can pray for that character will receive a positive effect: the blessing of the Mother of all skill increases artisan specializations 800 points, Virgin - Increases movement speed by 10%, and the gardener - increases attack speed by 25%, and the rate of application and recovery skills by 10%. But art lovers will be able to join the writing memorable landscapes, at the same time received as a gift a fragment thereof, the right to manufacture paintings for the home. And this is not all the possibilities have fun!

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