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Are women that sensitive? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, June 15, 2015

darned if you do...darned if you don't. "off with his insensitive head?" :>)


Look! If ever i've insulted someone accidently, male and or specially females...i will go to the end of my birth to apologize.

I have big clumsy feet. But girls of all ages please listen. I read a short piece in the newspaper about a Nobel Prize winner handing in his portfolio SIMPLY because he made these comments at a mixed staff lunch. In jest.

Quote: "women researchers fall in love with male researchers...male researchers fall in love with women researchers. Women cry! UNQOUTE.

Apparently a woman...women? got upset, causing the resignation? I just don't get it? Are words pertaining to both sexes and politicians now that crucial in context that everything seemingly is fair game 'up in bras' and thus the minutest poke however gentle prods the female beast of retribution into a frenzy of rebuke?

My question. Is there one or more women out there who would demand the NP head on a platter re: "resign," over the above jocular? If so, where does this leave the male species? Garroted over perhaps, "gee don't you look nice!" "Love the hairdo." "Could i buy you a coffee?" To be replaced by, "gee!" "Stylish day." "Coffee, tea, or gee!" Give us a break girls.

I reckon myself maybe someone's hand slipped or an unwarranted advance. Women cry,men cry...isn't it the little boy in them they love. Is the word love to be straight jacketed and cupid's arrows blunted by implication or look of desire? I robot? Or, best segregate at lunch? Some of the things i've heard 'respectable' women say would smudge Judge Judy's carefully applied jury lipstick 'straight no nonsense' look of the tiger.

Jeeze, how would you be? "Judge you look cute!" "Get him out of my dare you!" Yeah, how dare we! Maybe best to write an unsigned essay? Lock cupid up...throw away the arrows? Wear a Captain America jacket turned inside out so all female 'suspected' imagined infringements shoot the messenger? What do you women desire? Or, is desire to be chained up and sent packing too? Storm in a teacup? Or are women so sensitive these days they are all becoming judgmental Judys? I know,some guys go overboard. Some drown in their own ineptness, But that could be a 'turn on' for some women instead of the ubiquitous "show us your tits!" I draw the line at boob pronunciation. No sirree, there will be non of that in my neck of the woods. I mean some guys just can't see the that's where i guess mutual respect is in order to enable a consenting couple to arrange through a coffee medium third party..."two coffees please...gee you look the hair...sorry, Freudian slip of the tongue. No, no cream thanks...wouldn't dare...too suggestive..." then she sticks her finger in the 'afterthought' cream,licks it...smiles. Don't you just hate that! I don't understand women. Heard a rumor guys are not supposed to. :>)


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