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CAPITALies ape tion. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, June 03, 2015

The new breed of CAPITALISTS coming in capital comments to flog the letter of the flog law..................................................................

essssay CAPITALIZATION. Riginal.

Okay students are you all sitting up? Aware! Capitulation or giving into rife (no, not rice) sago comments has been done to death. What ails the site and sticky in my craw, is the circumference of downright 'doggie do' comment but as they say in the classics...shit happens...again and again. But you see a gain forthcoming? No you don't now do you?

For instance a smart student would concentrate on pursuing a tactile non erroneous approach to flogging bad company wares and may i add people are aware that there's no intrinsic goodly gain in for example, flogging crap...but we all do now don't you my little furry friends of Aesop fables fab flog, that whichever or wherever you hide your site in a sentence you will be another 'also' spam?

Having been in advertising i can assure you little tackers you are tacking in the wrong direction. How so? Let me explain in some detail. How in the Charles Dickens can you make an impact on shoveling make it look like you're not? Give up? Simple really. Don't flog! Of course 'essay course Irving' and bathroom tile layers will all three (extra tiler turned up) bore us all to near death...which i am doing to show you that without deliberation (nothing to do with the d statute of Liberty) statistically flogger dogs are wagging the body hence no tailspin of impute to tickle people's fancy. I hear you say, "well fancy that smart ass what do you suggest?"

What i suggest is MY brand of ad naughty m. M pertaining singularly plucked from repetitious which quite frankly is oft over repeated if you get my drift. Shhh! I'll give you all a clue as opposed to less add...meaning using my method with less added the dialectic pronunciation becomes 'CLUELESS!' Rampant reprimands do little...i believe in deed the manuscript pertaining to the first law of flogdom..."do your worst to piss people off" can indeed be flailed to death using a new schematic enlargement process prominent called...CAPITALIZATION! This is how it operates its WORDY tongue. Say for example you want to CAPITALIZE 'BE SEEN' goods of ridiculous over the SITE.

"I am a numbnuts employed to shovel my ridiculous circumference of word spoutage." Here's where CAPITALIZATION kicks in. bUy my STUPID stuff! I'm a DICKHEAD flogging STUPID stuff NO ONE (or TWO) people will NOT buy because STUPID is a CAPITALIZATION RELATIVE of the word conclusion...not printing those oversize predominates of word...people are able to avoid the STUPID in their face...relatively simple...but Irving will persist in flogging STUPID ESSAY SITES simply because he just doesn't hear the penny drop as does not the TWO BOB WATCHERS in for a penny in for a SILLY pound of STUPID. Let's compact this CAPITALIZATION theme by joining the over- the- top CAPS together in one sentence. MY! M CLUELESS? CAPITALIZATION WORDY CAPITALIZE 'BE SEEN' SITE. CAPITALIZATION U STUPID ass...DICKHEAD STUPID NO ONE TWO NOT...STUPID CAPITALIZATION RELATIVE SILLY STUPID STUPID ESSAY SITES TWO BOB WATCHERS SILLY STUPID CAPITALIZATION CAPS...and that's what Irving is flogging...WWW. STUPID ESSAY CAPS to be worn sideways. Yes i'll buy one Irving. That's how you FLOG TINGS...OR, DO YOU?.................... :>)

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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7 comments on CAPITALies ape tion. RIGINAL.

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By riginal on June 13, 2015 at 05:28 am

Scalett..."handbags at atomic a decade in prison?" your last sentence.You nuisance should be barred and locked up along with Irving the terrible! Would you two using combined mental effort be able to swallow the key please? Looney tunes unite.

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By Shane Joseph on June 13, 2015 at 05:31 am

A masterly act of wordplay, riginal. It must have gone clean over the erudite, essay- writing floggers' heads, for the bag lady has hung her Louis Vuitton on your post in response. Seems like "in your face" and "up yours" is fair game on both sides now. It's war, brother, with no ceasefire in sight!

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By riginal on June 14, 2015 at 06:47 am

Shane, thanks so much.....coming from a writer of your established calibre i take in your compliment humbly. As you know i'm shy. :>) The Trojan Horse disgorges vinyl comment, there is peace in scam valley. MAJOR PROBLEM...SHOULDN'T BE! Piece meal large regurgitating lumps decent mediation of such could dispense of the mediocre. Mediocre mold blocks the I.T. common sense conduits...I will write 'best essay' :>) Scalett and Irving! make a bloody comment! Your writing services dangle like a dried out piece of wooden dung...the Trojan Horse winces. :>) Constipated...wishing it could break commonsense wind. But the woodworm has left it sawdust. It builds up increasingly as the scammer's shake their tousled word worm heads...coincidence? ...."duh!" :>) sue me. Can i shoo you?"

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By Barbara MacDonald on June 14, 2015 at 06:52 pm

Trolling, floging wanta-be what??? dah...

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By riginal on June 15, 2015 at 01:04 am

Barb you may also notice constant threats being blocked. In other words a site has to be monitored. The incursion of this rampant attack and 'drop out' net connection indeed makes one reach for the "duh" whoopee pillow. And you're cute girl. Don't argue. :>) A site cannot be a free- for- all humbug picnic of ad speak and not suffer. It's got something to do with the ants wandering in all directions seeking succor from others efforts. He aint heavy? Piggy back trolls install wheels at your brain's ends. Because you will be dragged along in a bitchin' ad drugged state until your wheels seize and clog with vinyl rust. Scallet and Irving...i'm missing your feed back and vinyl essay is just a rung above could at least bend your knees. Makes troll dragging easier...bite me...vinyl cavity perhaps? Sue an English 'fur ball' caught in your verbatim vortex? :>)

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By brucenorris on June 15, 2015 at 01:10 am

After reading this article I found out that this whole website has lots of knowledge for me.

DesireLeather Age of Ultron Captain America Jacket
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By riginal on June 15, 2015 at 04:00 am

F...k! are you for real brucenorris! Or is that Chucky Norris? :>) Are you wearing your fake leather age of a queery ass ultron Captain America Jacket? They are crap bud, Irving and Scarlett jumped off a high rise 'best essay' flog using your crummy jackets as parachutes. You have me in stitches bruce...which unfortunately the lack of caused the parachutes to fail. Bruce! bear with me my demented flogger. Obviously Captain America left your cognitive building along with Elvis. BRUCE! hear me out girl. Are you in your 'flog' bathe drying your desirelather! Brucie hold on to the hair dryer firmly. Step out of the bathe carefully. Don your Captain America jacket. Throw the hair dryer into the bathe. Leaping in at about that split second. Your jacket will protect you from static will become a zombified beacon of knowledge and interest, your hair will spark and though it will leave a website hole in your jacket the knowledge you gain will enable you to read of many wonderful trollistic overtures. Plus the pungent smell of body hair hopefully will attract many more Captain America flog devotees. Take it in turns to pass the hairdryer. Yes Brucie, you are not alone...hopefully. i just love your willingness to walk through the redhot coals of zealous flog fire...Bruce i am going to nominate you for a Captain America award. You get the choice of being shot out of a cannon into a field of schemes. Or just shot! Plus, you win a car powered by grey matter. Do NOT use the remnants of yours. If you do the resultant slingshot effect plus hairbreadth movement may cause you to drop the hairdryer. Hold on tight Brucie...i'm coming with the hose. And an extra bucket of electricity. Bruce dare i ask.... what in your opinion constitutes "lots of knowledge?" The next time you zip up your Capn America jacket to save the troll nation from self abuse...don't get your ass caught in the zip old boy. Or that either. God bless your Captain Insane. To the Americas...forward dipstick please. Might as well try to keep them on the one post. Scalett and Irving...Captain Ridiculous comment calls. Saddle up...the mind boggles. Sieze the day trolls. That's the stuff that comes after night. Go forth A. :>)

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