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How Smart Is Your Choice For Bouncy Castles?

by Kabir (writer), , May 29, 2015

Fun foods, lots of music, themes and a bouncy castle – no party seems to be complete without these 4 essentials these days!

Fun foods, lots of music, themes and a bouncy castle – no party seems to be complete without these 4 essentials these days! No wonder that the market is literally flooded up with too many bouncy castle providers, offering deals that grab any eyeball, and motifs to suit almost every party theme. However, when it comes to choosing the ‘perfect’ bouncy castle for your party, you need to think beyond budget and style. So what should be in your checklist while zeroing in on a bouncy castle for your event? Here’s help…

#1: Choose On The Right Type

In keeping with the growing demand of bouncy castles, companies offer different types of inflatables to their clients, each suited to their individual needs. Such as:

    ·See-through Jumping Rings: These are particularly meant for toddlers and some are even designed for youngsters below 10 years. This can be a perfect option for your party especially when the venue suffers a space crunch. As the name suggests, these bouncy castles are primary transparent in appearance with different strokes of vibrant hues, some here and some there. So in the name of a bouncy house, you actually get something like a crayon-painted image for imaginative children.

    ·Hoop And Slide Or Two-In One: These are somewhat large in size. However, these can accommodate no more than 15 kgs of weight at once. Make sure that only one child gets into it at a time. But thanks to the number of gaming options that these bouncy houses come with, they make for a very fun and educative addition to any party.

    ·Crib-Style Inflatables: These cute-to-look at options are especially meant for pre-schoolers and can manage no more than 30 kgs at once. That is to say, it can accommodate two young riders at a time.

    ·Adult Bouncy Castle: A number of bouncy castle hire Northampton offer quality bouncy castles for adults. Although particularly meant for teens and grownups, you can also hire them for parties where a number of children will be turning up, so that many of them can ride it at a time. Also, adult bouncy castles can be a perfect option for wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday bashes and get-together parties.

    ·Commercial Bouncy Castles Have a new product in hand to promote? Throwing a fete or a charity event? Hire a commercial bouncy house can be also be tailored to meet your requirement. Your bouncy castle provider might allow you to put your personalized banner on these super big (some of them are as large as 25 feet in length) inflatables.

#2: How Many Of Your Guests Will Be Using It?

Never forget that diverse types of bouncy houses are customized for different types of users. So whether you organized a corporate event or a house warming party, think of the number of people who will actually be using the bouncy. Ideally, have a discussion with your service provider on what product will suit your needs best.

#3: Which Safety Features Should You Look For?

As they say it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So when it comes to choosing a bouncy castle, you might want to check if their products come with all the necessary safety features. As for example, every bouncy castle should have the following:

    ·Secured tie downs: It will diminish the chances of unforeseen tipping.

    ·Anchoring support, as well as super strong base: These will lessen the chance of falling and wobbling.

    ·Wider base and lengthy side walls: They are a must for stability and convenience. And of course, they can check accidental falling too.

    ·Products made from PVC and phthalate-free materials: These materials are extremely common in cheap quality bouncy castles. However, they are potentially harmful, especially for children.

You have just come across some of the smartest ways to choose your bouncy houses. However, no matter the company you choose, make sure to shop around a little before zeroing in on to just about any dealer.

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