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5 Ways to Lose Cheek Fat

Plump or chubby cheek is one of the cutest and most adorable things about young children and babies. But, when it comes to adult, chubby cheek can be a reason for anxiety.

Most people just dislike their chubby cheek and would instead want a well toned face. If you are one amongst them, below are given 5 ways to lose cheek fat, which surely will prove to be of great help.

1. Diet and Exercise
Improper diet together with lack of physical activities can lead to accumulation of fat not only on face but throughout the body. Thus, following a balanced diet and exercising regularly is very important to tone up the entire body. As you start burning fat, and lose excess body weight, your face will also start getting toned up, and look much firmer and younger than before. So, cut down on junk and processed food and replace them with fresh vegetables and fruits, and exercise regularly, as this is one of the perfect ways to lose cheek fat.

2. Avoid Alcohol
If you drink alcohol regularly, not only will it make you put on weight, but will also make your face look bloated. As alcohol is extremely rich in calories, consuming it on regular basis will make it difficult for you to get rid of those pounds on your cheek. It is said drinking wine is healthy. Yes, it is true, but only to an extent. If you want to get rid of cheek fat you need to avoid alcohol as much as possible.

3. Facial Exercises
Facial exercises have become immensely popular as one of the natural ways to tone facial muscles. So, if you want to get a more firm and chiseled look, you need to perform facial exercises. One simple exercise that you can do is suck your cheek inwards for about 1 minute while keeping your lips firmly closed. You can also chew gum regularly to get rid of cheek fat.

4. Facial Massage
Just like facial exercises, facial massage is also one of the ways to lose cheek fat. Massaging increases blood circulation and tones facial muscles. A very simple technique that you can do on your own is to press different parts of your face using your middle finger. Each part of your face needs to be pressed at least 20 times, including bridge of your nose, eyebrows, forehead, and every other part.

5. Surgery
Surgery is also one of the ways to lose cheek fat. If none of the measures discussed above seems to work for you, then surgery is one of the options for you. Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive, and can also have some complications. A surgeon will remove the fat pads of your cheek, to give your face a thinner look.

While trying to lose cheek fat, one thing you need to remember is, to be patient. Even if you eat right, exercise, and opt for facial massages, you will not see results in a day or two. It will take some time, but if you are regular, you will get the results for sure.

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