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Some sexual reference. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, May 26, 2015

They're a crazy lot, writers. Some shrinks manage to get a spark out of them though. :>)


The club was roaring, so too, my mate Jeff. Sort of a none bi- sexual James Dean type. Though that didn't stop the shaved oiled wannabees from wanting to be within kissing distance. Jeff kept the males at arms length...he had long gangly arms.

The crazy writer of erotic was seeing a shrink...problem being he was sexually a nutter. That's what i politely told him through his reflection in the bar table in the corner where he lived camped with his liquor flecked laptop. Alicia S was trying to bring him round to some sort of cognitive recognition that he was a bounder and women who flocked around the guy like bad decisions to a politician, according to rumor, didn't mind being bound.

Jeff placed a hastily scribbled manuscript notation within reach as usual. Pulled it away as he usually did. A hard nosed attractive short cropped blonde oozed over, put her arm round his neck. Perfect teeth smile,he disentangled her gently,blew her a kiss. I grimaced. No doubt before the night was out Jeff would be full blown over the bar and beckoning her back and wrecking most of her affront.

When you're got a tall gangly frame, everything proportional, muscle definition is not a requirement and though the former male model briefly dabbled in brief ads he could stand next to a suited well built guy in his grubby T-shirt and still win out. He was the only guy with a "free, come as you are" admission free,drink free invisible card simply because he was an outrageous draw card. The 'copycat' guys who presented equally undressed and shabby, pointed jealous fingers at the swilling laughing guy. J gave them a wink and thumbs up when asked by Arnie replicas to leave...politely. I mean this was a high class gig. Proper dress sense encouraged. Cept the spoiled mon. Jeff knew i was going to ask him about his ongoing visits to try to succumb to a 'normal behavioral' pattern. The only pattern i had seen resembling normal was the figure eight drawn in expensive spirit by a wandering finger on the waitresses' overburdened seamless bras. I used to apologize for the errant intoxicated finger and roll my eyes but the ladies didn't bat an eyelid. Probably due to the fact the adder eyelashes would gouge a piece of expert make up out, they didn't have time for that.

"How's Alecia S working out? turning you round to a positive sexually responsible person your late spoiling mum would be proud of?" He grinned. The teeth paid for by his last foray writing piece. And his on call 'typist,' she was a piece of shapely A4 a! " Alecia's ok, you'd be proud of me. And she's turning round! She's a pistol." He waved to a thin dark woman with inordinately large contact green eyes. She walked out the sliding front glass door which needed regular track service. Jeff punched me lightly on the shoulder leaving a damp mark. My missus disliked the writer intensely. But then my missus disliked most things of late intensely. I never lied about where i was. Jeff's signature mark stood out like a club GPS branding iron. "Listen my scribbling." I hated when he did this. Always delegating, damp punching. He pushed through the drunken noise and went out the weary slider after green eyes; rubbing her lense as the smoke she ignited drifted antagonistically into a spiraling irritant. Coughed. Pulled Jeff's head down, blew kisses in his grin, stretched eagerly, dropped the cigarette. Shit. I stared at the script cover.

"...he slouched in. 'Adjusted' deliberately. Knew the Amazon could well take care of herself, shrinks have to. There's some crazy people around that bear ill will. Jeff's willy was never ill. It did bare...that was the problem Alicia was faced with.

Half drawn wooden slats let in just enough light to shine through her silk skirt...enough to show she was wearing little at her V.I.P peak. If she was it was well hidden, invisible when she shifted her hips. Jeff slumped, the expensive leather couch didn't sigh. Nor did Alecia when she wrote the cheque for the chromium/leather lay back. Rolled pumped brass button edges. Overkill. Didn't impress Jeff. "Bit of a none under kilt you're wearing A, The sunlight looks a shade sharpish from where i'm lying, are you trying to string me along because it's stringently obvious. Yeah i know Zeena you can take care of you want to take care of me? He stuck his hand under the buckle of his belt." She turned side on, ignored the remark. Whirled. "We are getting bogged down in sexual semantics here Jeff,grow up." "When i look at you from any angle one can't help butt Alecia neither can it!" "You're childish Jeff"

She reached down, pushed the remote, shutting off the glare, from Jeff and the sun. She sat. Crossed her legs. Ignored him. Rose, lit a cigarette...passed it to the extroverted unrepentant smiling ass assassin. Her wrist twisted easily out of his grip. She walked to the closed door, opened it. Pointed to the remote camera. He exhaled, "don't trust me?" Her lips thinned. She suddenly pouted. "do you trust you Jeff?" He laughed. "Listen Alecia, do you trust you?" "Implicitly my overexerted sexually depraved client."

"Let's go back to your childhood." She leaned forward, behind the leather covered desk. He reached over in an exaggerated feint to imply he was going to butt out on the padded desk. Stopped, handed the butt to her. She unlocked the draw...reached for the chrome heavy gargoyle ashtray. He saw the small bore pearl pistol. He launched off the couch. She had it out and half cocked. Jeff likewise. "He lunged... jammed her up against the table, legs pinned. She shot him at blank range. The spark from the pistol lighter flashed against her naked breast. She ignored the pain. Bit down on him. He sucked her lip savagely, bit her neck..."Wait Jeff..." She flicked the camera off. He staggered back kicked the door shut. She tore frantically at his open zip...."'re not getting any better..." She stepped out of her dress. "I know Alecia...but you are my frantic love!" She groaned,screamed. He gripped her......................" Look, i'll have to leave it there,Jeff's just come back in and that guy needs to see a shrink badly. Again, according to Alecia. Anyway...this was only a brief passion scrib i managed to's bad luck to read a script before it's finished. My crazy writer friend nuzzled on green eyes. "What you been up to Ralphy?" "Nothing Jeff..." "Did you read the bit about loose seal (do your daddy's will) breast...her scream...the nipple thrusting..." "Ummm yeah Jeff...thought it a wee bit over the desk top frankly...can i run it past my missus?" Jeff punched a second damp stamp on my shirt...shit! Actually if you're interested episode two contains a whipping dissertation...done/dumb before? :>)

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By riginal on May 26, 2015 at 09:08 am

Sorry bout the mispelt Alicia Alecia...rough draft...Jeff will fix Alecia Alicia up when he finishes her...again. I know, some women's names are are some women. So i've heard? Hard to give some guys like Jeff the flick...desk case i guess?

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