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Irving's dillema...RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, May 16, 2015

The new recyclable paper 3D CD Hit and Myth phenomenon sweeping the world of IT excellence.


Writing is hit and myth. If you myth you're not a hit. On the other side of the coin if you're very lucky, luck being the key word, once the mist lifts and the missus makes a cup of coffee; should you be lucky enough to be able to avail of same (cup that is) you can certainly aspire to a heady mixture of profanity silent so as not to wake the senses and the kids, to ruminate over what was written the night before which may or may not propel you to the upper echelon of print monetary perspire.

In other words through effort beyond pain you may gain an award of merit for originality you thought, beyond your capabilities.

Therefore without further undo, ie, you may be wearing strapless bras? Slip on thongs, or a removable stick- on eye patch; let's look at some of the modern writers through sheer dent of cognitive squelch have achieved not only a pinnacle of aspirational levity though quite close to a Hemmingway accolade...but indeed, close to the literary clap only giants of verbatim achieve...and writers who are bed- swapping highly strung nocturnal notorious swine. I thoroughly recommend the following books either in hard cover or paper CD...the latest recyclable phenomenon taking the media/sound byte world by storm.

As any student worth his or Hearse salt knows regarding dying vegetation scarce, the greening of recyclable write CD's with paper track 3D enhancement freefold edges, not only provides a readily available form of barbeque also provides a hand woven storyline both cost effective and easily used as a high quality wordy blind when joined in groups of matted CD format. Also can be used for needy purposes should the knee arise. Of course if you are prone to chaffing and can't stand after inserting used CD's regurgitated, ply type reconstituted, then the hardcover would of course dominate. The price of the CD's in assorted packs of historical reference makes for a competitive margin should you have a pair of electronic eyebrow clippers with optional hedge clippers which not only provides the opportunity to trim a 'War and Peace' paper CD 3D to byte size easy to handle- 'Short Argument No Fight Quick Slap Hard Pinch Smacked Bottom' alternative-you can also convert the shortened story to a useful paper drinking cup at the end of the end through manipulation cup de mangler mush re constitute .

Student concessions are in the near future, and the company www. Paper CD Short Clips in the can be contacted to print a newcomer's story. Or, you can turn a 3D blind eye, avoid the story altogether, and drink verbatim straight out of the paper cup.

Indeed, a recent novella winner is listed below. a novel idea indeed for those wishing to sup on their fruits of labor. The fruit is free, desalinated, picked straight from the options tree and grown onsite to provide nourishment until the imprinted 3D CD see, comes hot off the assembly line. Depiped of course and marinated in sequential stereo paperweight hi definition sound down or up depending on your neighbor's incessant banging fist "turn that story down!" pon door. A short list of authors drinking from the cup of literary success, or straight off the hardcover book version with inbuilt non alcoholic mountain water dispensers screwed along the spine of same should it be a steamy novel such as ' Snow Why? and the Seven duhs,' a torrid piece by Irving Sniff. Others by Irving include.

'Gym n' Me Mat missed Crack it' by Irving Blindfold fractured head punctured lung.

'The Tree Wise Men' by Irving Bough beaten stick up.

'The Panama Can Hell' by Irving Why don't you take your empties with you instead of blocking the Canal? (Hard tin rusted cover novel only).

'Watt now my Love 1?' by Irving Power Surge bare foot water- based blackout.

' Watt now my Love 2.' by Irving blackfeet Sou you tent to burn to a crisp Chief Sitting Pull?

'Watt now my Love 3.' by Irving arc up over Chief Little Horn compo Judge.

'Watt now my Love 4.' bye Irving crispy you didn't have safety switch on tent.

'Watt now my Love 5.' by and large Irving you ended up in the black with red cheeks so be happy bummer!

'Watt now my Love 6.' by Irving no intent or outer tent rebuild inner or outer flap due to lack of tepee insurance.

'Watt now my Love 7' lonely sisters no longer able to keep wigwam warm. bye Irving.

'Watt now my Love (8) ate' burnt snag last night.' by self serving Irving Little Joy.

'Watt now my Love 9.' to 5 Dolly Parton where are you? by Irving temporary flat.

'Watt now my Love 10.' to have given up by Irving the irritable frizzy hair never undo.

'The electric Horseman.' bit too late no tent to reconnect to, power to the 'stuff all' by Irving candle lit flat until Monday come back electric horseman because Irving down at laundry mat trying to de frizz hair.

'Goodbye Yellow bleak Road Toes these feet were made for squawking, and that's just what they'll of these days these boots will walk all over anew...'by Nancy Sinatra' walked by Irving no comment...bit before Irving's time. (3D CD only with no optional paper cup). Bye and have a well done day. Medium rare? :>)


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