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In the Dog house.

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, September 07, 2007

We all know that police dogs can be cute, but very vicious when prompted to attack a suspect, but that doesn't warranted being cooped up in 109 degree heat in a cruiser.

As an officer there are certain duties that come attached with that, such as protecting the lives of citizen and keeping our neighborhood safe. There is an oath that police take when getting out of the academy that states this. Does that oath mention anything about neglecting your partner, whether it be human or dog?

There was an article in the paper that a police canine dog was found dead in his patrol car, while he we off running errands, having dinner with his wife and napping. What the hell? We all know by now that we wouldn't leave a baby in the car, so why would we leave and animal, especially an animal that is supposed to be revered for its work. Personally, animals have much better work ethics than people, and generally smarter.

Don't those canine units have cages were you could leave the window down? Wouldn't you at least tie the dog up outside the restaurant with a bowl of water?

That officer should have the same treatment put on him.
However he is being charged with animal cruelty. Meanwhile, those officers who are in charge of K9 units should learn a hard lesson from this. Be kind to your animal and it will be kind to you, after all they depend on us.

Ok so this is a rant, but it's outrageous never the less.

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