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Muscle Building for Skinny Guys - The Simple KISS Approach

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Muscle Building Skinny Guy

In the world of muscle building, there is a principle referred to at “KISS”. KISS is an acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

The phrasing isn’t very polite, but the principle is absolutely sound. Especially, if you are the skinny, you must follow the KISS rule for muscle building.

The fact is, bodybuilding isn’t rocket science. It is a simple process, but it’s a process that you must FORCE your body to accomplish. How to get bigger biceps? The body is a wonderfully efficient machine. It takes care of itself, and it uses the calories and nutrients that come in to its own best advantage. It sends all of the right “stuff” around to the organs, it replaces cells as needed, and then it very efficiently stores any leftovers — as FAT, not MUSCLE. But, if it needs to use its resources to repair damage to a muscle, it will; and when it does, muscles get bigger.

Applying the KISS principle to muscle building for skinny people

1. Damage the muscle with overload.

2. Eat the foods and take the supplements the body needs to make repairs.

3. Rest, rest, rest so the body can do its work and build more muscle for you.

Damaging the muscle with overload” means lifting heavier and heavier weights. It means lifting these heavier and heavier weights repeatedly until the muscle fails. There are two factors here: weight, and time. You could lift a 10-pound weight maybe 200 times and accomplish the same thing as you would lifting a 100-pound weight 20 times or a 500-pound weight four times or a 1,000-pound weight twice. This is the one of most important factor , you should keep in mind while doing muscle building. Eating the foods and taking the supplements that your body needs to make repairs that you cause to muscles when you lift weights is pretty self-explanatory. Your body can’t make repairs if it doesn’t have the tools to do the job.

Resting is what allows your body to do the job. Muscles are getting bigger when you rest after damaging the muscle. Muscle size increase doesn’t happen while you are lifting the weights. It happens when you rest after lifting the weights.

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