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Get ready for outdoor living

by Sam Taylor (writer), , May 13, 2015

There is nothing more exciting than spending time in the garden with your family and watching the world go by on comfy seating for all the family to enjoy.

Today beanbags can be made to last. This all depends how you use them and how you care for them. Beanbags from the right supplier can ensure your money is well spent. According to the independent, Homeowners love their garden as much as their house, so this merits why spending time in your garden makes all the more reason to ensure you can sit and enjoy looking at it. After all, you have to admire your hard work.

Beanbag Care Advice

Beanbag chairs are fantastic when it comes to sitting back, relaxing and watching the world go by. But like any piece of furniture, they can become a little worn and less than clean after lot of uses.

Especially if you have pets or children, you may find your beanbag has a few stains, holes and suspicious smells after a lot of use.

Thankfully, you’ll be glad to hear that they are relatively easy to clean – just make sure that you know the material your beanbag is made out of before you attempt to wash it. Softer materials are ok to be put in the washing machine, and the harder materials like vinyl are often hand-wash only.

What material is it?

We sell a wide range of beanbags made from all sorts of materials. Our most popular beanbags are commonly made out of:



    ·Faux fur


There’s benefits and issues with each material you choose. Cotton may be a little soft and comes in a variety of colours and styles, whereas the vinyl choice is easy to wipe down but is not washing machine suitable.

The most important step is making sure to check the material that your beanbag is made of, before you go to the effort of trying to clean it.

And don’t forget – before you put the beanbag in the wash, always check the tag to prevent issues with the outer material.

There are some simple steps you need to take to make sure that your beanbag is kept in good condition.

Always make sure that you keep the beanbag off rough surfaces, don’t wear sharp jewellery and generally be careful that you don’t cause any rips or tears as this may be a big problem.

If the worst does happen, you can always purchase one of our replacement beanbag fillers.

Use our step by step guide to make your beanbag sparkle

There are two main beanbag covers that you will need to consider before you start out on the journey to washing the beanbag,

Whatever material your beanbag is made from, never just immerse it in water. Follow the instructions below, and keep your beanbag happy.

For cotton and faux fur:

    1.Unzip your cover and take the inner beans out.

    2.Take a hoover to the cover to remove any pet hair or dust

    3.Have a look for any little holes or weak spots

    4.Put the cover into the washing machine with a mild, bleach free washing powder or detergent

    5.Hang the cover to dry or machine dry (always check the tag!)

For leather or vinyl:

    1.Take out the inner beans and put them somewhere safe

    2.Fill the sink with warm, soapy water.

    3.Spread the bag out flat or hang it up so you can see the whole surface

    4. Moisten a cloth and spot clean the outside of the beanbag

    5.Gently clean any areas that have dirt or stains

    6.Repeat on the second side

    7.Hang up to dry

    Looking for a customised beanbag supplier?

    Great Bean Bags offer a range of customised beanbags in leather

    and many other materials that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use... and yes even extra large ones for adults!

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