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Your Choices in Boats Depending on Types and Sizes

With all these pointers and features of several kinds of boats, you will be able to find the most suitable one for yourself.

There are usually three kinds of boats available –cruising boats, fishing boats, and water sports boats. In order to choose a boat, you need to know your needs. Your choice of boat depends completely on the purpose for what you are thinking of using it for. Once you have decided on the type of boat, you need to make your selection based on the brand, make, model, and size.

Here is some quick information on several types of boats and their sizes to pick the best option:

Types of Cruising Boats :

Pontoon - 16-30 feet

As the name suggests, these rely on pontoons that basically resemble the large tubes to float on the water. The wide decks and seating style make these boats quite comfortable to be used for leisure trips. Pontoons that have big and robust engines are also useful for pull skiers.

Cabin cruiser - 24-75 feet

These boats are good for use on choppy waters due to their variable size and efficient engine configuration. These boats have features like a spectacular gallery, sleeping area, and a bathroom.

Bowrider - 16-35 feet

These are used particularly for day cruising. A bow rider has a seating area and one of its special traits is that they allow for skiing.

Trawler - 26-50 feet

Having a displacement hull, these recreational trawlers are fuel-efficient (they use less horsepower) making them ideal for long trips. They also have enough space for other activities like cooking and sleeping.

Sailboats - 7-70 feet

These are vessels that are completely or partly set in motion by the wind. The size and shape, keel type, number of sails and purposes, and hull configuration are some of the factors that determine the variety of sailboats.

Types of fishing boats

Bass boats - 16-26 feet

Capable of accommodating three people, these boats are best known for angling bass. Since the profile of these boats is relatively low, they have better access to shallow water.

Center console - 18-48 feet

The central location of the steering console enables these open freshwater, saltwater, and single-deck boats to effectively handle the rough offshore. You can also enjoy catching ocean fish in this one!

Aluminum fishing boats - 8-24 feet

Suitable for inlets and shallow water, these are smaller boats that are primarily used for freshwater fishing. These are comparatively light weight and simply designed.

Sport-fishing boats - 38-100 feet

The specialty of these boats is that they are well suited for longer trips since they are spacious and offer proper amenities. If you are interested in catching big fish you have to pick this large vessel.

Types of water sports boats

Fish and ski boats - 16-22 feet

Are you fond of water sports and fishing? If so, then this one is for you. Fish and ski boats are the best for both experiences and are meant for families looking forward to some water fun. The sun pad area can be converted into the fishing platform.

Personal watercraft - 8-13 feet

Also referred to as PWCs, these are nothing less than bliss for those who are enthusiastic about water sports like waters king and tubing. These are more economical compared to a boat and can carry up to three riders.

Jet boats - 14-26 feet

Similar to bow riders, these jet boats have seating space that makes them a sought after option for a relaxing cruise or a fast ride.

The bottom line:

You can choose from a wide range of boats available for sale in boat auctions .

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