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by riginal (writer), moe australia, May 10, 2015

If your hotdog stand business is up for stale don't give up. You may want to switch to 'banana boat' Enlgish?


Okay students today's 100th episode of 'learn to spank English plopply to become fluid in the spanking of' is from my recent book 'Replica English'...all you kneed to know plus some oblivious spelling mistakes anyone with a 44 gallon drum of 'white-out' ; assuming you don't possess a leap top electronic to automatically erase stuff automatically by leap frogging English with a plum (or conversely aplomb?) which means the same but when not spell checked gives you the pips...i think you know where the jam up in English occurs? Seemingly spread with FRUITFUL aplomb,or,if you want to stick with the conserve please yourself. No need for your English get any butter on your spreadsheet because you may not even have a knife handy to spread it with? That in effect is a possessive nouncical for the simple reason due to the high cost of letter openers this may bring on or prompt the exclamatory remark "knife try!"

Let's concentrate on 'fruitful' as the main sauce of this post but if indeed you have some source left over from my last lesson chuck it into a pot, garnish with 'ad,' bring it to the boil, simmer for one hour and serve on the table. If you don't have the availability or time for your times table or rhetorical dispensation then perhaps you may prefer to eat off the carpet with plain rice?

Or, you may begin a 'FRUITFUL' pursuit of anything pursuant that turns you on. In a more null environment should you desire you may wish to embark on a FRUITLESS search for a fruit you feel most at home with. 'Homely' fruit such as a banana which usually comes from the 'collective' noun bunch. Not however to be confused with the Brady bunch who at best are appealing, at worst a bunch of lovely coconuts. Meaning, if you concentrate hard and squint, the family as a hole but then this is a 'FRUITLESS' search for family palaver. Indeed, should your family be of the Holy ilk then you wouldn't even bother reading on mainly due to the fact the whole family has great canoodling spirit something which bears fruit instead of the non 'FRUITFUL' preserve reserved for squabbling families.

Let's not confuse things. Pull up the fruit of your choice and bear with me. Sentence wise.

FRUITFUL endeavor in business bears fruit when you are selling something everyone and his dog must, or thinks they must have. The 'flow on' effect of mustard, particularly on a hot dog is a good place to start. Everyone loves a hotdog. Therefore this provides an opening in the food market for 'replica' hot dogs with saucy wrist bands so that your friends will exclaim, "gosh! i love your hotdog it looks like a mustard 'must have.' Let's leave the hot dog there and move on.

After a FRUITLESS search for a lost hot dog the search party ran out of 'mustard.' Mustard being the insertionary transposition for physically 'out of gas,' or, if you like, a tiredness beset the search party simply because it was like looking for a hotdog in a haystack. Pretty useless search. Why? Have you ever eaten a lost and found hotdog having been missing for an inordinate period? Smeared with stale mustard sauce and possibly straw infused which not only could have impregnated the hotdog missed...straw does not taste compliment a search hungry party. FRUITLESS! Grasping at straws!

One more example before you go out to buy a new or used/missing hotdog? If what you're selling is not what the general populace target is interested in you may as well give up your FRUITLESS search, borrow some money off your parents, and buy a FRUITFUL stand with optional toasted English muffins. That's of course if the FRUITLESS business you're in is driving you bananas? Perhaps YOU should drive the banana? The choice is up to the individual. If however the banana is forced to take a 'backseat' in your business cart PLEASE! make sure your banana is wearing a seat belt. Why? The incident of mashed banana hospitalization due to head- on crashes involving people going bananas attempting to promote their bananas as 'the best' has reached a level whereupon some business people i know are simply walking away from their banana boat business's and buying into FRUITFUL new and used hotdog stalls with past- their- use- by- date mustard topping.

In other words, a conundrum of banana boat versus hotdog muster? A FRUITLESS time spent reading this post students? Seems to be the site 'word' of the moment at the English maul/mall? As long as you make a conscious effort to insert occasional FRUITFUL English by injection muster of sorts, in some small part at least, i can't see why anyone should be driven bananas?,however stale the verbatim gets. But PLEASE! belt your banana up for the very reasons given above.

If your banana boat or business ship hasn't come in yet you may like to click on 'www. dot. a? what the 'ell are u talkin' about?'

The feeling's mutual. Must go, my dog's near ready for a walk. Forgot. Don't own one but if i did i would. Take it for a walk that is. A FRUITFUL pastime indeed. Remember. Belt your banana up. Make it look edible...a peeling? :>)

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By stalin on May 12, 2015 at 03:00 am

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By riginal on May 12, 2015 at 05:52 am

Yes Stalin grad But plagiarism comes in many shapes and forms... the BEST writing service is www. Duh! tell someone who on down and put your bestest writer up and we'll have a consort about why parasitic ongoing indiscriminate waffle on the 'best service' clearly makes you the very worst simply because of the fact you and your cohorts annoy the living crap (shit) out of writers genuine. And here i was thinking that overseas callers all hours of the day and night flogging solar panels were the pits. Give me a solar panel flog any least one can politely say "PO.Stick your solar panels where the sun doesn't shine" but then what would be the use of a solar panel with no sun? If your flog is the best then why are you advertising? Perhaps the worst? Maybe interned ghosts in Stalin grad prison may need an essay? A ghost of a chance. I don't get it.Neither do i...put a bloody post up about why you are the worst? Stalin're only the messenger. Have i thrown the verbatim back over your side of the essay fence? Where the sun don't shine. Duh...i can keep it up as long as you guys and laugh it off. Tell your scurrying opportunist same old same old company that. Have some decorum. :>)

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By riginal on May 12, 2015 at 05:59 am

At least the Russians fought the good fight. Flog for thought? Sorry,food for thought. Have a great already have. Your site is a site for sore plys? Ply me to the moon? Have a 'spam' sandwich daze...sorry,day. :>)

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By riginal on May 22, 2015 at 04:55 am

Bulldust...Irving's site is best. "duh!"

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By riginal on May 22, 2015 at 09:06 am

...indeed...students input is past therefore where does their future lie...if lies are presented as 'self done? numb numb?'

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By SarahForman on August 04, 2015 at 06:12 pm

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