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by riginal (writer), moe australia, May 02, 2015

Seriously sad and tragic......................the devil in the detail?


Just a short bit as the tragedy of the shootings have somehow been done- to- "SORRY BOUT THAT?" death by MEDIA and a trite idiot Australian politician n' such who came out with something like,"occasionally these things happen" etc etc. Bullshit. They were caused by not enough input some months prior to the sad finale for all purposes in my opinion.

Strange how the young lady got off because of the technicality, "didn't know what i was carrying" etc. Glad she was spared. REAL SAD at the time when the obviously corrupt legal system could have been the opportune to give the corrupt bastards the money under the table. In some sleight of legal "don't let anyone know about this 'donation' " That's why i believe much earlier our PM could have flown over there whether invitation protocol demanded his absence or not. The opportunity maybe to shove his way in while the corrupt iron was still hot as soon as it became apparent. Does it ever cool off in these cases? The female input wasn't found wanting.

Evil certainly was/is alive and well in all aspects. Seems to be the wrapping on any judgement these days. Well, in my book those pair though admittedly did so, the tragedy shouldn't be written off by trite comments such as "ahh well these things happen." They don't just happen...bastards taking unprecedented jerkoff action will cause echoes the pompous pricks will feel in many ways and who with half- a- brain thinks for one minute the action will even stop by a dribble the avalanche of drug use and smuggling in particular- whilst money is a prime motivation, and the well- worn phrase "the root of all evil." I'm just a dumb ass and starting to sound like the wankers crass, so i'll end it here but as a relation on the undercover drug scene told me years's it seems with appropriate mercy meted out by a little bloody upstart and his wanking board of ill directed.

Indonesia law sorry? BULLSHIT! Their belated halfhearted 'sorry' Karma rebound waits...straining at the leash. Enough sad and enough said. Strange how million dollar subs full of millions of dollars of drugs though some captured seem to proliferate and will no doubt continue to do so. And in doing so makes a mockery out of any legal system anywhere that can be 'purchased' with the right amount of dollar input. Bloody sad and tragic. How do these people sleep or is it the fact they sleep on their legal asses...come judgement time. And they too will be judged also if there is a judgement day awake...sometimes i wonder.

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By riginal on May 02, 2015 at 10:10 am

may i add...drugs do destroy lives that's a given. No argument. But if you want to put 'destroy' up as a prelude to lives shattered, what about the 'drug'of crass lending in the U.S.A.? thousands upon thousands of people though partially to blame imbibed on the drug of 'borrow' which decimated and ruined lives. The maggots that perpetuated mostly absorbed back into the 'system.' Like i said, the elastic band of corruption and evil seems unbreakable...go figure."Let us prey," seems to be the deviation of let us pray. God knows...but the devil of detailed corruption answers to no one. Is anyone listening...or is that a minor detail blowing in the wind.

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By MaryBoren on May 21, 2015 at 12:14 am

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By riginal on May 21, 2015 at 03:10 am

MARY! boring! so SAD you dessertation dwellers... with the sensitivity of sledge hammer verbatim. Go scrape your intellectual knuckles along the ground with the other neanderthal dwellers of essay bewilderment. "duh!" :>) Your 'alleged 'site is crap.

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By SarahForman on August 26, 2015 at 01:17 pm

Very emotional post, in fact. Personally I don't understand why so many students brings guns, knives to schools. Sometimes they squander study time because they don't like teachers, can't find a common language with them or afraid of some college assignments (perhaps that's the reason why so many of them search for reputable essay writing company). What happened to us and our kids?

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