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by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 30, 2015

Behind every last stand stands a satisfied partner?.................................or needing more understanding?


WARNING! EXPLICIT REPLICA SEX CONTENT:Okay you silly little inquisitive men, you're an essay mantis preying pon absorbent 'replica' student mindset, or, alternatively you may be a handsome gay upright guy/gal citizen which is your choice in a demo crackit country? Thus i guess you can read on as it's a free country thus far, or at least the government would have us believe that?

I'm not going to argue the pros and cons of sexual preference except to say- whatever. I'm not God but let me reflect on a post i raised a long time back after i watched a doco on lion behavior of which i wrote of my puzzlement in seeing two male lions bonking in the backwoods of backwards! My question was this. "Assuming the pair of lions had little or no access to lion porn gay, or had something intrinsically abhorrent such as all the females were lesbians in their mane of the woods...why then was this shenanigan lion butt occuring? Remembering the focal point being the lions were not a cross- breeding interference project causation as a result of mankind genre meddling.

Not one person answered. My intelligent mate i asked the same question of whilst we burp murdered a pizza and several beers.

Do you know the answer oh religious one's? Don't want to know as 'distasteful' springs to mind and blush comes to the offended cheeks? Well, for the unprudish 'normal' person out there of any genre with curiosity rampant perhaps burping on a pizza of burnt thought. The reason is thus as explained to me.

The male being bonked whichever end comes to mind, gives off a scent impelling the doer or one being doodled, to do what a randy pair of humans do at times. Bonk themselves silly. Or clever, for that matter. Too distasteful for some? Remember, God's creation, NO human inference or interference intervention. Be outraged and as"hail Mary God strike that writer dumb (too late! been struck!) as you like. It's nature's FACT. So if you're choking on your pizza then i guess you haven't got the crust or gist of nature's peculiarmentation. This is a word in the new age replica dictionary one can purchase from the U.K. with a vinyl or gym mat cover. I'd purchase the gym mat cover,that way you can bounce wordy between the lions...sorry,lines.

At this point i'll leave the lions there, i am not gay, nor a lesbian, or a free range bonking lyin' but if by chance i were i would expect you to show me the same respect as ALL people should do to one another; if you have a problem with that then maybe it's YOU who needs to take a backwards back to the woods step. So save any "holier than thou" verbatim for someone else but if you would like to argue with anything therein bring it on. Scare me Irving.

Now to my main point. Point is this. A lady who i make no qualms about my affection for, awakened a cord in my thunking (thunking is thinking of inserted U transposition) made the point that a great looking guy contacted. What woman doesn't or wouldn't like that sort of intrusion pon self whereupon it is certainly flattering to say the least, but just stop and think for a moment girls. Input of the female cognitive superior may be required here if indeed you have read so far. Perhaps you have yawned and gone back to the sofa?

What turned or turns you on ladies, about your partner when you were/are, courting? Prior to some heading for the court on the 'D' day having fallen out of love for whatever reason, taking into account your male no longer perhaps wants to put his 'you're mine' stamp or at least caress the object of his desire when woken in the middle of the night by partner to perform a natural act God created and instilled in every living thing despite the repercussions of love or interest wane down the track. I mean if the act of love culmination climax feeling was a punch in the nose...or a projectile thrust through an eardrum causing intense pain then people would desist would they not? Can't hear you.:>)

Would like your input as it would be interesting to know because when my eardrum's healed and the ringing in my ear diminishes enough to hear your abuse in lieu of your "mind your own sex business" there may in the interim, be a spark of input not equated with 'replica' sex which i'm sure is ready to leap off the replica U.K. gym mat.

Therefore girls, what i am asking is, besides having an inordinately large penis (you're blushing demurely/savagely?/disgustingly?...) which some women may place at the forefront of happiness (a penis?) is longevity of marriage or courtship due to this? or does long term love endure and compliment into old age with both partner's supporting each rise up from the garden bed of desire, having planted and nourished wonderful children now in uni doing a post graduate course on 'why intercourse can be harmful to an outsider assuming hub hasn't dozed off which enabled the outsider to get a foothold. Thus causing friction infraction resulting in a split between not only mum and the attentive outsider, but a division between M and D which has caused me us to drop out of uni due to a monetary splitation diversion.' This is a course currently available to all students. Replicated worldwide.

In closing, (scant clothing?) let me just say if you know your way around a woman there are so many many ways you can make her happy. Please enlighten me if you come across one...a woman that is!:>)

I'll leave you with a funny (God! about time!) incident related to me by my young cop brother-in-law. He and his mate were called out to a major airport when a suitcase (collected after their 'bomb' alarm inspection by a beautiful woman) was making loud knocking noises. Upon inspection it turned out that the woman's electric 'wand' (barring the absence of the man from 'fifty shades of Grey'?) had somehow turned itself on and was cavorting round inside the suitcase looking for its usual hand-of-sleight owner with an elastic wrinkly confused look on its bald head. If you are disgusted in me then wear it girls. Oops! i mean...? The hottie was extremely embarrassed and the boys had a good laugh and a sigh of relief. So too, the weary confused Vibe

Begs the question though...someone not holding their end up? Or maybe Ms. Gorgeous was more into the mechanics of a 'ever reliable no frills' than the mechanics of love making. I guess it's electric 'horses' for courses? No "duh!" comments please because maybe that's the comment which caused the G lady's G spot to defect in preference in the first place, or maybe she was satisfied to dispense with the appendages normally affixed to a funny looking least in some women's eyes? I better leave it there before i tread on the carpet of rude. Tell me i'm wrong about the lions and this is not a fact of nature. Describe your idea of an ideal man and what he means or could mean to you...if you can get him off his lazy ass and saddle up...riding into your sunset of John 'cowboy' Wayne desire. I could be wrong. Have a great weekend with your partner...electrical or otherwise. Whatever makes you blackout with desire and the appreciation of a sudden surge of love which makes the meter, or world go round. Take care. Don't stick things in your eardrum. They hurt! Love hurts? /:>)

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