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The Rising Trend of Horseback Archery

by katiesmith02 (writer), , April 29, 2015

Horseback Archery

Horseback archery blends both shooting with bow and arrow as well as horse riding. Although it has existed over the years, it's popularity as a sport is currently on the rise.

During the days when the world had kings and emperors, and they looked for opportunities to attack neighboring kingdoms to increase the size of the land they rule, a number of weapons were used for such warfare. Among them, the bow and arrow surely stood out. And these have survived to this day. Of course, not as a weapon, but in the form of a sport. Those interested in archery still has the opportunity to show off their skills. And it still pays when you are accurate in shooting the arrows. Moreover, you can also participate in different kinds of tournaments these days because archery is now one of the most popular sports in the world. And it is a part of a number of major tournaments as well.

Archery, as a sport, has been transforming over the years. There, of course, is the common form of archery, which is a part of several major multisport tournaments, such as the Olympic Games and others. In addition, another form of archery is also gaining ground. It’s known as horseback archery, which has been derived from a similar kind of sport, which existed in Mongolia long ago.

Training for Horseback Archery

The popularity of horseback archery is rising with every passing day, driven by the blend of accuracy and adventure that are attached to it. This is why, new training centers and schools for horseback archery is being established. And this is taking place in different corners of the world. However, this form is tougher than the others. The archers will need to ride the horseback. So, they need to be focused on keeping the balance while in motion. However, the aim also needs to be perfect, so that they can be successful. Hence, the aspiring mounted archers need to go through a proper training schedule to touch milestones.

Managing the Motion

When it comes to horseback archery, the concept is a bit different from the common form of archery. It’s not that the archers will only need to shoot at the target that has been kept static. Of course, there might be competitions where the option of shooting at static targets might be included. But there might be other types of horseback archery as well. And it is going to be far more difficult. The archers will need to ride the horses and shoot at targets, which are in motion. So, they will need to negotiate between two things that are moving:

    ·The target

    ·The horse

It surely isn’t an easy task and the archers need to manage this in a proper manner.

Horseback Archery in Competitions

Despite its immense popularity, horseback archery is yet to make a place for itself in the Olympic Games. However, there are several tournaments, which are organized only for the mounted archers. Even if you are an amateur in the sport, you can still find some really competitive tournaments in this form of archery. You can participate in some of these competitions not only in a bid to win trophies, but also if you want to hone your skills. In fact, such tournaments are among the best places for you to find out where you stand as a mounted archer in comparison to the others who are trying this form of sport at an amateur level like you.

Needs More Practice

The popularity of archery has increased manifold as a form of sport since its early days. It has existed in several forms. And horseback archery is just one of them. However, this form of archery seems tougher than the other types of archery. While participating in this form, the archers need to have multiple expertise. Not only do they need to be an excellent archer, deft in aiming and shooting with their bow and arrow, but they should also be able to ride and manage the horses in a perfect manner. It is necessary for them to take the horses in the right direction and shoot from atop them while the animals are in motion. So, they need to practice it properly to be successful.

With the increasing popularity of horseback archery, many young people are getting interested in the sport. This is likely to help in the spread of this form of sport beyond boundaries, just the way it has migrated from Mongolia to other parts of the world.

Katie Smith, a freelance writer, an expert in writing quality content on unique sports, for popular online publications. Archery interests him most. He receives professional training from archery texas.

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