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1st BrooWaha Writing Contest Opens

by Ariel (editor), Venice, CA, September 04, 2007

Credit:, the Citizen Newspaper Network, is launching its 1st writing contest for authors in cities all across the country.

The contest will be judged by industry professionals and journalism professors from companies and universities such as the Los Angeles Times, Variety Magazine,, the University of Iowa, and Moorpark College. Authors who have been looking for a new and exciting outlet on which to publish high-quality, cutting-edge articles: look no further!

During the month of September, BrooWaha is organizing a writing contest which will reward the best local news/op-ed article. Only articles with a local focus, i.e., with themes relevant to the city in which the authors are registered, will be considered for this contest. The only requirements for entry to the contest are: 1) that the articles have a local focus, and 2) that the content be strictly original. All articles meeting these simple requirements and submitted to the website will be automatically considered.

The articles must be submitted to the website between September 4th and September 30th. On September 30th, the jury will publicize the 10 articles that have made it through the pre-selection phase. The winning article will be announced the following Sunday, October 7th, and the finalists’ articles and Author Profiles will be prominently displayed in a link to Contest Winners on the front pages of each of BrooWaha’s local editions. In addition to the exposure for both the articles and the authors, the author of the first-prize winning article will be rewarded with a custom BrooWaha t-shirt and an additional prize.’s mission is to support Citizen Journalism and boost local communities by increasing readership of locally relevant news. It offers a platform which enables users to write news and opinion articles that are automatically organized to provide readers with high quality content. Meaning: authors- you can get published on a reputable news source along with other great writers and gain notoriety in your city; readers- you can read high-quality stories with local significance on the web and be part of the process which chooses which articles appear on your city’s front page!

The BrooWaha contest is now officially open! We are looking forward to reading your articles!

For more details about the contest and to sign up please go to:!

Photo Credit: Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, 1941

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By Ariel on September 06, 2007 at 11:04 am
Ahah, only if it's with style and relevant to the LA area :)
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