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American saved? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 23, 2015

So, America's great health cutback system may be adopted here. Pain will be a thing of the past. After lack of medical assistance forces you to pass over! Ok doc, i'll take an asprin..................


Man! I can't believe the latest medical advice coming from planet America. a 'plan it' if adopted by our pretty good health fraternity will disadvantage the already disadvantaged. Namely the severe reduction of services, put wholly on the discretionary shoulders of busy doctors.

That being their sole responsibility to 'cut back' on over stimuli of sending patients for 'unwarranted' tests. Saving a huge amount of money of course.

Let me put this in plain context. If we adopt the American logic it would elevate the doctor to the realm of playing God even though patients are at present at their mercy in a majority of cases.

We all get sick unless you are already deceased. A given...or i guess, a taken.

I'm on four injections of insulin a day, have been for fifty odd years. Yes i admit i am odd but it's like sanity itself. Who on this muddled planet is prepared to cast the first chook (Australian fowl) to foul the waters of whose sane and whose crazy? My assertion? If you're wealthy you're eccentric. If you're not you're raving mad. Nothing new in that statement.

However how about this raving mad idea. It costs big dollars for subsidized test strips to check your blood sugars as most times or more than often, sugar control, because of artificial substitution of a chemical naturally occurring in a normal pancreas healthy body can never hope to match God's creative organs. If you don't believe God did create that's your problem. I have heard many professed atheists exclaim, "got a terrible pain...GOD! it hurts! " Are you with me? I suppose an atheist could alternatively say, "got a terrible pain...Devil! it hurts like the Devil. Either way it hurts so i guess it's a standoff grimace either way.

This is the plan by American standards. To not have the test strip availability as i interpret it, the reason being, look at the money saved! Their assumption is that you should if your sugar levels are normal, to negate the need for testing. But how the hell do you know if your levels are normal if you don't test regularly for God's sake? What i'm saying is, if i have a hypo because i didn't have the availability to test say before i drive and i run over you (American?) assuming this wanking plan is adopted...have i then the right to jump out of my car, pull you out from underneath my bonnet, and exclaim..."sorry bout that, America said their health system adopted here is crash hot! Shame about yours!"

Bit of over exaggeration. I'll tone it down. I'm riding my bike, had a hypo and unable to stop i wobble into you and fracture your skull. Sound better? The whole point is, how much cutting back in the effort to save money to waste on useless leaking submarines etc and six hundred and four million dollar payouts for a road system survey -that wasn't built-can we have?

Okay, i couldn't give a rat's arse if i died tomorrow. According to books on diabetes i should be at least dead or have most things useful on my body partially amputated, or, with the advent of surgical improvement 3D head transplantation maybe my head could be frozen until such a time it can be transplanted onto a muscular body of which i possess now. Yeah right.

All bodies aside, think about this. Oh no, i'm not suicidal stating i've got one foot like a fly in the gravy of xmas plate trying to decide whether to pull my foot out or hog in and be squashed by disgusted grave gravy yard fingers. I'm going to live as long as i can just to piss everybody off. Now, think about this. How many of your relatives, family etc have been diagnosed with a headache and sent home? Lots? How many have died as a result? Well, the good old boy America is suggesting that many many tests can be abolished ie: tests on low severity graded heart patients. Via American principle care don't ring your doc because he'll say possibly,"look umm, i just checked and i'm guessing because it's just a fatal heart attack starting. You must keep in mind we're going over our American inspired budget. Tell you what. Flip a coin. Heads you're dead. Tales you're deader. I say tales because my a...hole lawyer will tell tales to the judge that over the phone the shrieking didn't sound much like a dying person at all."

I know, sounds like bullshit. If and when this comes in, it certainly will be. Sure there's some over prescribed tests. Will you be the one to tell mum or dad or a tiny infant that doesn't understand that the pain won't go away without tests bordering overcautious? And sure some go to the doctor perhaps out of sheer loneliness which is as bad as when they tossed mentally ill patients out on the streets to save dough.

Don't get me wrong, i love a lot about the American way of life but to indulge in love i've heard on the grapevine you have to resemble a living person. I could be wrong. Yes people do abuse just about every system there is. So do you do drastic cutbacks and force doctors into a cutback corner? Umm can anyone tell me the current estimation or valuation of a loved one?

On the one hand medical science is forging ahead. How? by infusion of much public donation, raffles, nearly forgot, government donation of donater's money. Why not shut down the smoke industry to save billions? Oops sorry, that would cause unemployment. Besides, it's people's right to cough themselves to death. "Stay away from our lungs" i hear you say? I certainly will. Kissing a smoking bellow woman is cool. Actors do it. And leave drugs out of the equation? You know just before i die i might just take up breathing again. Just to piss the doctor off who cut back on my oxygen. How silly of me, i forgot. Oxygen is free...until it's cutback by some bean counter. Does Australia have to follow suit with America because i prefer a T shirt and tight jeans. But then when you get to my age everything gets a bit tight now doesn't it? Feel free to comment...and no i can't afford an essay on this subject. Or a transplant in Dubai. Can they transplant crotch hair? Sorry, that's a personal curly one i shouldn't have gone there. Even if i did and it were possible, it would cost me a fortune to have my hair straightened every few weeks. It would probably make me look like a dick anyway. Maybe underarm hair? Nup, cost me a fortune in underarm transplant head spray. Nostril hair? Nup, my head would sneeze all over a cougar when she lights up her ciggie. How bout a hair of the dog that bit you? Be cheaper to strap a great Dane on one's head?

Wonder if there's any cutbacks in replica hair? Goodbye, keep breathing as much as you can, 3D bad breath is just around the corner. Unless the American medical boffins cut it back to 2 D or not 2D...THAT is the question! Have a ciggie go bang a broad pokie machine, i think they call them slots in America. Oh, and have a cutback beer on me. But remember, if you have an acute pain in the arse please ignore it. Hello...i said hello! :>)

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By riginal on April 24, 2015 at 01:55 am

the American stance is a test once every so often i might add for sugar levels. 'So often' being touted as fair enough. Pity doctors aren't on this site. Maybe according to their replica watches they haven't time or maybe they're busy writing medical essays on which golf courses provide the best blood pressure relief? I could have been a doctor, i can tell by a person's wallet how long they have to live. Don't get me wrong, doctors are sworn to prolong the life of your wallet and advise on the best 'zip' code to enter within. They spend many many years to ensure their patients have a happy healthy stab at life. If you get there in time after being stabbed/cut up, by an outrageous medical bill which somehow equates with the price tag of a latest set of premium golf clubs. Only kidding, they are there to help sign the cheque. The secretary is there to tell you the doctor is unwell and has gone off his golf game and he's booked out for the next 8 months but if you feel it's an emergency ring his student offsider who is nearly capable of putting a replica heart in but he's caddying for senior doc at the moment so if you ring his brother in Dubai who is studying how to wack a ball out of a sandtrap without hitting his golf bag humping camel his sister who runs a 'call centre' will ring you back and inquire if you would like a new rubber gym mat to bounce off to your heart's content...assuming your heart is content to do that. PLUS! Ring now and you'll receive a global transmitter you strap to your wrist if you need urgent medical help which in turn will send a message to the doctor's golf ball he hit into the lake. In other words in a round about way your life is covered so go out and enjoy it because life is so short...just short of the doctor's swing. Have a great weekend. And don't worry. :>)

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