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A brief history of the Dodger Stadium

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, April 08, 2015

Dodger Stadium

Highlights in Dodger Stadium history. There are some really memorable moments!

It all began in early 1962, in Los Angeles, when the Dodger Stadium was officially opened and the new season of baseball could start. Since then the stadium, and the Dodgers have shared many memorable and invaluable moments and memories, but it is still standing tall and hopefully it will be possible to create newer and more interesting memories in the future. Most importantly though, there were many stars molded in the pitches of this wonderful stadium; and it seems like many more are going to come as well.

The famous Game 4

In 1963, the only time the Dodgers managed to win a World Series on home terrain, but it was a magnificent win back then, because they managed to secure their winning match against the Yankees; and steal their five year long title as well. During the series, many renowned names and players were present who made it possible for the Dodgers to claim a victory. And from that time on, unfortunately the Dodgers did not manage to win at home, however, the future is still young and who know what will happen.

The perfect game

During the 1960’s, when baseball was mostly favorite by everyone, Sandy Koufax managed to pitch a perfect game, making his way to be the sixth pitcher of the modern era to throw a perfect game. Something that has been not repeated in a long while; although there are others, nobody came close to Koufax’s perfect score, and it seems like there will be no one who will de-throne this famous player. During the game, Koufax managed to retired 27 batters without allowing any of them to reach the ball at all; making it a very intense game indeed.

The only homerun

Although the Dodger Stadium has witnessed homeruns, three of them to be exact, only Mike, managed to hit one at home base. The game, held in 1997, was memorable because it did bring defeat in the end, which might have been devastating, but to Mike, it was an experience of a lifetime. Nevertheless, for the people watching the game, it was spectacular bating and if the game have ended there, it could have been one of the best games during the series in the Dodger Stadium.

A really intense game

During 2014, the visitors of the Dodger Stadium had their money’s worth of a game. That game was memorable, because Clayton Kershaw, managed to pitch his first career no-hitter game, and it was a glorious way to triumph. Furthermore, Clayton managed to pull history’s first ever no-hitter game without any walks, which really made the media explode the next day with their headlines. It has become arguable whether that game had the best pitching performance ever, but everyone did agree that so far, it had, and that it was the most dominant no-hitter pitch ever as well.

What the future holds

In the upcoming games though, it is only expected to see new miracles being performed at the Dodger Stadium, which is why you should make sure to come and visit, if you want to be part of history in the making. Furthermore, there will be many concerts as well, and one of them will be the legendary AC/DC performing during September, and if you buy your tickets early on, you will be able to get the right seat for best viewing performance; but before you do, make sure to check out the Dodger Stadium seating map, so that you will know exactly where you will be at the concert.

A place where the magic happens

The Dodger Stadium is surely a place where legends were made, miracles happened, and where it will all continue to happen until the stadium stands tall and proud. You can always come and have a visit to enrich the stadium and to have the time of your life when a game is on. However, make sure that you buy your tickets on time, and that you get close in on the action, because as you can see, there are a lot of things happening at the stadium, and you could be part of it.

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