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'ACQUIRED' ESSAY. riginal.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 31, 2015

We must all help drag the vinyl off the watchtower of dissertation and expose it to our future leaders in an effort to initiate the coming of the 'new age' ACQUIRED learning techniques.


For the student heading for the halls of knowledge.Or,the local pub. Transitory step in liquid form after a hard day's study discussing why Social Media scrum is so darn important to ACQUIRE. Finger flexing good feel. Don't leave home without your digits.

ACQUIRE: He was a young man possessed of a wonderful stretch of tonsil reverberation. As a result of A CHOIR he joined to learn to sing. A quiet lad at first, though bursting into song enabled him to shrug off his shyness ACQUIRED when he was told as a little inquiring tike- to shut up. His singing was of course an ACQUIRED taste. That's not to say, his father, who had very sensitive eardrums, developed an ACQUIRED brain injury as a result of listening to his screeching son in his formative foray endeavor to impress his dad.

His dad as it turned out, was driven to ACQUIRE and REQUIRE,very large amounts of alcohol to enable him to bear the resonance of his growing songster. Practice prior to Jack's requirement; that of performing in the aforesaid choir. The lad eventually ACQUIRED, or came into possession of...a singing prowess lauded in the echoing halls of knowledge. IE: The local pub. Jack's father ACQUIRED the excuse for his drinking himself silly, tendering the excuse that the calming effect of drinking not only quietened Jack's tonal made him AC QUIETER man.

See students you can if you want to, twist and inject incoherent words much the same as our revered politician's do. Just to make sure you haven't dozed off. I must ask. WHAT! do our politician's DO with monotonous regularly? Can't think? Well, they do BUGGER ALL. Without having to think.You see politicians learn their craft (crafty ways?), in the HALL of knowledge. They then ACQUIRE status at the local pub. Upon stumbling out of the pub with their doctorates in tow they twist and inject venom at each other, verbally bash each other...then sing each others praises. They then set out to ACQUIRE lots and lots of money to gamble with. Some of the more adventurous get on the revolving wheel of fortune and end up ACQUIRING bugger all.

Don't get me wrong students. Politicians in the main, when they're not staggering round in the main hall with bugger all after their wives are totally sick of pouring them into the back of their pickups-leave them. Pickups to make them look like they are in tune with middle income, duh, poor people? Sick of their philandering. I think that means Senator Phil landering on something he shouldn't have ACQUIRED. Before...or after?

moral: All seriousness aside students, be careful when you graduate which 'ALL you head in the direction of. Don't end up like Jack singing for his supper. Or drinking to calm the eardrums because eventually it will go in one ear and out t other... I mean aren't humans 70% water? Couple that with a skinful of Bourbon on the rocks and perhaps you'll end up sloshing if you don't ACQUIRE commonsense. Do they still dispense that in Kentucky? Or does the common Kentucky still still dispense? My apologies to all politicians but i had to present an example of excess to be avoided at all costs to the weary taxed people with bugger all...trying to send their kids to college to ACQUIRE knowledge. My apologies if i've offended anyone from Kentucky standing local law- abiding citizens of meritorious behavior and upstanding ACQUIRED Kentucky sediments...sorry, sentiments. No students, i'm not asking for remuneration for this lesson. Perhaps though, the next time i'm in Kentucky you might shout me one drink? An ACQUIRED taste? Isn't there a song that goes..."Kentucky woman..." Just hope she's married to someone with a bit of commonsense. That sends me on my way...with my ACQUIRED tail between my legs. Where else after all is a tail supposed to be? Have a great life and do whatever makes you wake up singing. Not too loud though, the neighbors might moan in unison. Best of luck. :>)

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By Kevin Rivera on April 23, 2015 at 09:31 am

Wow. Here is the unexpected vision of the well-known things. I completely agree with the author. It seems like an admonition for young people. I can`t write like you. But I`ll be trying. And I hope to stop using <a href="">Powered essays</a> for these purposes.

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By riginal on April 23, 2015 at 02:38 pm

Kevin thanks for the comment. Instead of spending/wasting time flogging some other wanker's essay company do the hard yards and stand on your own two feet. Make your parents proud by throwing off the chains enslaving robotic essay students with what now appears to be 'spam Nirvana.' Turn 'flog' into factual work any student worth his/her salt with the aid of search engines (using their own steam) can achieve, thus becoming an individual instead of an annoying appendage adoption of essay madness. The plague of plagues every student and his flogged essay dog seems to think will put bark in their byte with minimal input from their own God given talents...unleashed by simply getting off your collective asses instead of scratching them and submitting others submissions while you sit on your hands contemplating which digit to warm next? You have youth...spare the time. :>)

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