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by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 29, 2015

We all have them, even the most fulfilled and monetarily endowed. Bit like a slight nagging toothache in the wee ours of your subconscious. You can act on it to fill the void at any age.


Had to smile reading this: "We never stop growing, why grow too old to stop dreaming? Not verbatim but near enough.

Questions. At what age do we stop dreaming? At what age are we supposed to succumb to the weariness of, "oh i'm too old for that, or, i tried but that old luck just dream trained its way past me. I was waiting at the station. Must have dozed off! Rubbish!

How many people i've talked to who have 'made it,' have reaped monetary rewards yes. But the amount of bods when closely questioned; "are you really happy have you caught that elusive butterfly of contentment/fulfillment everybody craves whether they care to admit it or not? Perhaps in a moment, 'one too many' releases the latch on the rusty sometimes ill fitting gate of unfulfilled?

Think about it. For a myriad of reasons you didn't quite achieve your own self satisfaction maybe due to the advent of sickness, responsibility of mortgage, children, or just never quite having the courage to leap the 'chance' chasm, however small the distance, to grasp the elusive end of the heartfelt desire rope and hold on for grim death. In an attempt to achieve your own perceived jewel of happiness. The ultimate jewel.

Indeed, some of the happiest people i've met, talked and corresponded with, have sights set on a reasonably low comfort zone of 'happy', whatever that entails in their vocabulary of importance. Happy to exist. Or rather HAVING to exist with not much at all. Happiness filling their gap in life if any. Good stuff. Great attitude.

Though, every day you hear, see, in particular SENSE, through the advent, (sometimes not as advantageous as one expects?) of 'immediate' media and social media entwine- the rumble of discontent. Not apparent in blatant terms but it is there.

At every twist and turn the young and the not so young seem to be striving to achieve something that they themselves don't quite understand why? Parents that achieve through their children's accomplishments? That's okay. Education the prime objective? A better life than they had? In reality when all things are compared at the end of the day are the young up and coming future leaders so much better off regarding peace of mind? Alternatively could it be that some are nearly forced out of their minds to achieve? I wonder if you took the monetary clause and prestige of position and 'one upmanship' out of life's equation that there would be more than a few wandering minstrels wondering what indeed life is about. The ubiquitous "here to do the best i can?" Sure. "Can i do the best i can within the parameters of accomplishment and encouragement/blessing, that i feel happy with I know, you can't put old heads on new shoulders and vice versa.

But even those statements may be outdated and trite if a recent French neurosurgeon's statement is to believed and comes to fruition. That within two years heads will be able to be transplanted. "Running round like a chook (Australian slang for fowl), with its head cut off" may be a thing of the past? When a busy frenetic woman moans to her friend over a 'quick' lunch-abbreviated coffee. Kids. Pick up. Drop off. Husbands...pick up...dr...?

Then we age. Do we get wiser and dream less as we age? Do some people 'age' to the conformity age agenda is set by mankind's current standards? Like you ring up a pension line." Hello, your call is valuable. We are currently undergoing a heavy demand in calls! ring back later or maybe if you enroll in our 'voice recognition system' and write down 12 memory phrases you will-in fifty years time- get the hang of our service or perhaps feel a need to hang yourself in frustration which in that case would seriously affect your ability to remember your memory phrases. And stop ringing up complaining about our Beethoven soothing background music. NO! We don't do rock...stop daydreaming you old Presley fart! Ummm! sorry! useful senior member of our community now bordering useless. You should have saved up for your agedness! Don't use that,"we paid our taxes" that's a real old excuse. It doesn't wash! Hope you can afford to?"

Bulldust! then you turn the tele on that frustrated night and listen to fat ass politicians bleating about the 'baby boomers' and how they're sucking the country dry because shock! horror! The silly old buggers got old!" They don't say that, but the scantily dressed inference is there, or am i day dreaming? "The future modern generation won't get old. They'll have so many modern rejuvenation techniques. Age will be old hat.Won't be around in the future." One of the best rejuvenation techniques i've ever experienced was a good slap around the buttocks. Grown ups pay for that type of 'rejuvenation' these days. Administered by professionals.

I can prove that 'seniors' still dream. They dream of retiring. "Dream on" chorus our pollies. By the year 2015 a mandate will be enforced, "retirement age 90." All those complaining ring Bruce Willis who will explain that one must, "die hard 1. Option of dying after 2" For goodness don't ring or die after 2am in the morning. It's rude. What do you mean 2015 has trumpeted its way round the world? I didn't hear it? I know it's the year of the goat. Oh sorry, i should have asked the year of the young chap over there who for some reason doesn't seem to know the time of day, or poisonably, what year he's in? The young and the restless? Daze of our lives? I remember now, i slept through the new year. I'll try to get it out of the closet. It's wrapped in month balls.

Yep, happy has many connotations the world over. Education. Nice life. Just a nice sandwich?

I believe when we die and i have it on good authority 99.9% of people do: exempting Peter Pan and Wendy. We go to Heaven. Except the guy that stole my car. I will get there, but i don't know about you guys because i have put down a deposit on a vinyl soul bag. And a replica dream. See, i also believe that God gives us another chance at our most fervent dream achievement. You know the one. Yes, the one that got away by the causation of circumstance and timing. Trust me! If your dream has already come about good luck and best wishes. If you are currently over the moon without the aid of stimulants like oxygen and your grandkids jumping on your face when you're half asleep on the couch dreaming that they wouldn't dare...think again. Here's a neat little verbal trick my son employs which allows you 'jump free' dreaming. "Leave pop alone...he's dead and doesn't want to be annoyed." If you had all told me in the first place that you are all bubbling over with the spirit of happiness i wouldn't have wasted my time trying to cheer you up. My apologies.

If this will give you any incentive please read. Believe it or not.

Bo, a dyslexic down-on-his- luck bow tie salesman who went through extreme physical agitation such as flailing his arms and kicking at the air in frustration when attempting to tie his own bow tie-decided to reverse his bad fortune.

The dyslexic Bo started up the Tae Bo craze...believe it or not!

Are you in a good mood now? Happy as with your lot in life? Completely and utterly disappointment free with what you've achieved in life? No dreams left coagulating, begging to be bled into your dreamscape of opportune? Begging to be resolved and acted upon? Don't lie to me! :>)

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 29, 2015 at 10:56 pm

Okay I have always been a dreamer, and doubt that will ever change. Really now, would you want to live in a world devoid of dreams or hope? No, I will not ever stop I will still be dreaming as I venture into that "great beyond"...and I suspect even there you dream, but they do come true there...just my humble opinion.

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By riginal on March 30, 2015 at 01:23 am

hi Barb! Ms breath of fresh air. Looks like the 'cowboys' have won. :>) Tried to get on Tony's site. He too has changed the parameters. Flog seems to be woven into a site's texture like a barnacle affixes itself to a ship.:>) No matter. We could all take a page from your poetic book of resolve. Don't worry be happy...or, onsite, cra....! Have a great day, beware of replica ones! They contain irrelevant 'robotic' (Shane's description), silly 'half hours.' Take care care girl. Keep poetically motivated. :>)

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By RogerTolbert on October 22, 2015 at 03:18 am

As for me everything should be balanced. If you are a dreamer, it is good, but you shouldn’t be fanatic dreamer. If your dreams are not mixed with actions, it will not make sense to dream at all because all our dreams appear to come true someday. 10 books to inspire you to get rich can help you change your life but you should act. They just show you another side of the moon.

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