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Oh me o' my...RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 24, 2015

Build them a site...and they will come. WELCOME?

AD HOC BULL. riginal.

Before i begin a bit of irrelevant irrelevance i would like to severely admonish as usual the dingbats that or who continue unabated to diminish genuine posts by flogging unwanted cameras and the likes. For example, on a lady's site who has a deep religious belief and a lady poet who has no interest in gym mats, vinyl bags,writer services, or reptile watches. She too being closer to God than i'll ever get. Yes, the God of flog by sheer virtue of ignorance personified- like evil itself- is entrenched. Rather like a rotting carcass weary writers genuine are sick of walking round. The only action i can see that in any way will 'sandbag' (not prevent ), the ever growing avalanche of unwanted undisguised sheer oceans of crap is for you writers out there to SUBMIT your legible posts...before giving in or submitting to the overwhelming underwhelming unremitting ad ear bash of undisguised crappola dripping off the site roof.

The moderator if given the choice will put forward posts that will have a precedence over vinyl filmatic rude intrusive GARBAGE! Ad...pertaining to the Greek, meaning Ad. Hock pertaining to 'hock' which seems to have gotten quite hocking of late.

Of course i wasn't promoted to say this nor is it my business. But isn't that the quintessential essence of flowing write to story tell or inform? Or has the internet become a multi-tiered layer pon layer of wankeristic unbridled bottom of the barrel scraping idiotic harem scarem sales pitch? Give me a bloody break! And the moderator? Sure, the ad wanker death adders will continue to wank but surely if a few of you non wanking writers stood up to be counted, (some would say "why bother" and with good reason), then surely we can 'sandbag' the leaking ad extremists and stem even a trickle of this ad bulldust. Or do we collectively sigh and pull the plug? An ABC Aussie report stated tonight that a writers' forum that paid writers if selected, MONEY for their articles; started by a Ms Wendy Harmer (comedian writer actor etc) here in Aussie land. Had to capitulate and bow down to other social mechanic intrusion media. In short i guess to a 'social spanner' in the works. Possibly fallen foul due to the fact the myriad of dog blogs all barking for the opportunity to bite the media bone. Some get buried before chewdom.

But barking hell are we going to go the same way? Have we already capitulated without a fight? Compared to many genuine writers at the start of this site i came late. Is it too late to start relating again? Look, we've all had our differences and differing opinions. Where did it all go wrong? I know exactly where it went wrong. Don't get the impression i know what i'm talking about. But i think the scattered remnants of writers discouraged have an inkling of my deposition. I constantly consciously try to provoke opinion of some sort in an effort to free the vinyl bag and trendy replica ads from my neck of the woods. I'm not David against what has become a Goliath of entrenched ad manure. It may not be able to be beaten, but 'curtailed' comes to mind at least as a stop gap attempt to return a smidgin of respectability to non respecting bods who are nothing but grubs. Burrowing and destroying. Sucking the life out of their unconscionable preying mantis ad extremism. To emerge, crawling out of others' efforts like so many dung beetles defecating on the road to ad oblivion. Sucking the life out of sensibility.

Has it already happened? Is it too late to turn back the tide of idiocy? Will we fight on? Is Goliath to be conquered? Can Goliath at least be kneecapped by write or rights? Goliath ads have no right to even purvey the landscape of write. Simply because they haven't earned it. This sham Goliath can't be shamed because he's immersed in it. If more people stood up and threw literary stones this neanderthal miscreant may scratch his head and utter "duh!" That's a start.

Oh, and while i'm on the subject...AD FLOGGERS GIVE ME THE SHITS! Sorry bout the blasphemy. If any of their products were any good they wouldn't have to advertise. Same with writing services, anybody got the guts to put forward the notion,"our writing service is the best?" Even maggots wriggle round. These writing services once questioned...die...not a peep is heard. Here's your big chance WS UK floggers. For instance, recently, a woman wrote a piece obviously trying to procure business for her writing site. It was ok. Pertinent. Very little pretense as to her intended 'gain' of the monetary.

Another female from fairy floss arena never never land puts up a stupid invalid comment about the post. Then has the audacity to put her own writing site spiel up. Duh der!

STOP this uncontrolled rampaging Mr and Ms Goliath. Write up fanciful stories of your products if you must indulge in stupidity. For instance. "Our replica vinyl bags are useless sh...t! But! they're better made useless sh...t than our competitors."

Get the message Goliath? Or, "our watches are sh...t, but our competitors are worse sh...t and for that reason we've lowered the price on our sh...t!

Or, "ignore rubber gym mats! They're sh...t! Our concrete gym mats however, will knock you out! No sh...t!

Or, "our Nuclear water fountains will give you the sh...ts! And they'll blow your mind and render you sterile. Just like the other ad jesters ad projectiles."

Or, "buy our imitation constipated rabbit fur coats. Guaranteed not to give you the sh...ts!

Or, "lose half your weight overknife...sorry overnight!"

Or, "Give your children the bestest start in life...refrain from sending them to school to avoid them turning into little Goliath ad media monsters flogging everyone to death as a result of using their 'reusable parents'. Washable gullible parents determined that THEIR kids will get a doctorate in vinyl flog...or at least paper cup manipulation, that can be folded...along with their site.

Or, "a rubber inflatable social media kangaroo that jumps on your pouch. Plus two extra paws. The first pair having fallen off after scratching you to ad death!"

Or! everyone just gives up or has already?

Oh! forgot to mention in passing. Free ad space should be just that. Given such a wide open detoured space they can't be read or heard. And don't feed me that bull it's ok for ratbags to horn in their misbegotten garbage.

What's the bet some idiosyncratic wanker will stick a verbal piece of cow dung on this post saying. "Go our gopro cameras...they're greatly in diminishing demand." Mentioned this ad because it was put on the leading writer's post. Just thought it was the height of crass. Where will it end? Or, will it ever end? Sorry i haven't 'modified' my disgust. But i do tend to write tongue-in-cheek. Ad flogger's tongues aren't long enough to reach theirs but i'm sure extendable tongues will eventually be available?

So come on here all you death ad adders and freebie ad fornicators. Or not? This post is presented as nothing ventured nothing gained...otherwise fowl play will continue until the ad fowls are clucked. Maybe plucked?

Anything to AD anybody? Camera shy? Lets see if a comment minus

in some ways favors

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