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Should I Become a Trader?

by Feeling blue (writer), , February 27, 2015

Before taking on financial trading you have to ask yourself some questions.

I’ve noticed that trading became the new trend when it comes to men and choosing jobs. There might also be women who become traders and probably even have success, but I only know men in this business. This is maybe because it seems to be a quite difficult job, and not everybody can do it and to make a career out of it.

However, even if being a trader is not the easiest job you can choose, the benefits and the earnings that can come out of doing a great job at trading are quite appealing to many people, but not all are able to reach greatness.

I was thinking about becoming a trader, as well, and this is why I started following the Academy of Financial Trading on LinkedIn and Twitter, I began reading all kind of articles and learning about the markets. I became aware of all the glamor and the money a career in trading would bring me, and I decided to begin taking courses in order to start my career on a solid foundation.

But, to be honest, before taking this decision, I also thought about the bad parts of trading and I believe that all of you should do the same thing, not only when it comes to trading but also when you have to take decisions in other situations.

So, what are the reasons that might make you change your mind about becoming a trader?

1.Pressure. Stress. And then Pressure again.

Living every day under pressure and stress, taking decisions with all these mixed feelings that you will have, having your heart beat fast from morning till night, is not something that most people enjoy. Think about a roller coaster and being in it all day. Many people can’t even stand roller coaster for 10 minutes.

You must be sure you can do this job with all it brings. You can’t become a trader only because you heard their life was great, and they are rich, especially since those who are rich lived years in such a roller coaster.

2.Losing and losing and maybe winning.

You want to become a trader because they win amazing amounts of money. However, you should know that before they actually learned everything about trading, and even after that, they lost lots of time.

Everybody loses when it comes to trading. What makes a difference between traders is the manner they manage to control failure and not let the feeling be present on their next move. Traders are and should be lacking emotions when it comes to their job and decisions. So, if failing makes you feel weak and sad or depressed, and you cannot control these feelings, you should reconsider becoming a trader, or should start working on controlling your feelings.

3.You’re doing it for money

Of course, you should want money, but this cannot be the only reason you have for choosing trading. However, if it is, you must think of another one or just give up and find a career. You cannot let yourself guided by greed, not in trading and not in life.Just like other emotions, greed is a strong feeling that can get involved with your decisions, which have to be rational.

Success is going to be measured in different manners, by you or others, but the most important thing in every job is how it makes you feel, and how it motivates you. Building a career in trading is difficult and, as stated above this is not a job suitable for everybody. But if you are a strong person with powerful principles and ambition you can become an amazing trader.

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By Albert Einstine on September 21, 2015 at 02:29 am

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