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Kids meals toys, made in China!

by manny osborne (writer), , August 18, 2007


last week I decided to take my niece to get a chicken nuggets kids meal, she loves chicken nuggets, to celebrate her first day at school, so we went to a fast food restaurant, I was enjoying a milk shake when she asked me if I could open her toy , I was about to open the plastic bag when I noticed the Made in China label, I went to the cashier
and asked him for a different toy, that hasn't be made in China, "Sorry but all our toys are made in china" that's the answer I got from the employees, those were bad news to my little niece, I explained to her that we have to go shopping for a better toy, my niece was so upset and almost crying, I felt like I ruined her evening, after we got her not made in China toy, she was smiling again in our way back home.
I contacted Mcdonald's, BK and Wendy's right way and this is the letter I Have from the Mc corporation

Thank you for taking the time to contact Mcdonald's We appreciate this opportunity to share some information with you.

The recently publicized toy recalls in China have nothing to do with McDonald's or our products. Because nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our costumers, we impose and enforce the highest safety measures and protocols. We will not compromise on our expectations and specifications. We recognize that we have to be ever-vigilant and must continually monitor the operations of our suppliers and toy production. Our product safety protocol is outlined by the following:

*We have a stringent Code of Conduct and safety standards for our suppliers. We will only do business with toy manufacturers who agree to our high standards for safety and business practices.

*Every Happy Meal toy concept is reviewed by a team of safety experts a minimum of five times during the design and production cycle.

*McDonald's toy safety process is managed by a team of more than 300 professionals, including McDonald's employees, suppliers, industry consultants, and safety design, and quality engineers around the world.

*McDonald's has rigorous safety screens and reviews before, during and after production, This Happy Meal toy safety process explicitly covers paint selection.

*McDonald's Happy Meal toy suppliers are regularly monitored by McDonald's agents as well as independent, third-party auditors, with unannounced inspections and on-site monitoring.

We hope this information helps give you confidence in McDonald's commitment to quality and to our customers.

Thank you again for contacting us about this important issue.
McDonald's Customer Response Center.

With Burger King and Wendy's I did not have any luck trying to contact them, they do not accept e-mails, and BK's help line 1-800-522-1278 you can stay for hours waiting for and answer, Wendy's you can contact your local store manager which is going to tell you to contact the corporate.
Burger King recalled 2.6 millions toys in 2001 and Fazoli's also recalled kid meal toys in 2000 all with safety problems and all were made in China.

Can we feel our kids are safe now? kids meals toys are sitting where our food is being prepared and cook.

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By manny osborne on August 21, 2007 at 01:14 pm
If they are fine why did B.K. recalled 2.6 millons?
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By icemanoe3 on November 13, 2011 at 11:53 am

Wow are you serious? You made your daughter cry like that? You couldnt just let her have it and investigate later? You act like she, a happy meal lover, is suppost to follow politics and safty protocalls. Also something that says made in america usualy only means Boxed in america....

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By Johnny Man on March 25, 2015 at 05:49 am

such an old article but still relevant these days, at we tend to sell toy brands

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