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Parenting: Teacher or Santa Claus?

by DKIdea (writer), Boston, MA, February 17, 2015

The difference between a parent that teaches, and one that thinks being Santa Claus is a daily occupation.

So it seems parenting has become a recurring theme this month, and why not? Without a doubt, it has to be the single most important job in the world. Everyone alive today doing whatever it is they are doing, was shaped in part, by a parent or the guidance of someone other than themselves. What we teach those that will inherit the Earth will determine what kind of world future generations live in.

Speaking of teaching, is this not the second most important job in the world? Without starting a rant into how important teachers are and how serious we should be taking the curriculum being presented to our children, the two most fundamental influences on the youth (besides each other) are parents and teachers.

There are many different approaches to parenting, as seen everyday if you just stop to observe. I’m not going to break all of it down in detail (at least not in this post), but instead narrow the focus on those parents that take every opportunity provided to prepare their children for the world they will inherit (through teaching) and those that practice gifting as a way to prepare the youth for tomorrow.

I know, some of you are scratching your head now and wondering what the heck I’m talking about…but there are parents out there that absolutely give their child everything they desire, and think they are doing their children (and the world) some good by it. I personally think that spoiling your children will only produce, well, spoiled children…and when has ingesting (as the world will later) anything spoiled done anyone any good?

Growing up with a sense of entitlement (through spoiling) will only make the lessons of the real world that much more unpleasant to learn. Of course, if you actually are among the uber wealthy, that sense of entitlement will simply keep you separated from the reality of the majority of the world…making you only suitable to be a politician. No, really…some of the most disconnected people on the planet are those that have nothing better to do than insert themselves into positions of deciding things for other people they know nothing about (and care even less), while convincing those same people they are just like them. If you think all this has nothing to do with parenting, then you’re not paying attention to the world you’re living on.

Perhaps you are familiar with the saying “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for life.” This is a perfect example of the difference between a parent that teaches, and one that thinks being Santa Claus is a daily occupation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to giving children things, I just think those things should not always be the latest game system, communication device, or recreational object (better known as a toy). Instead it should be integrity, fundamental citizenship, self-esteem, kindness, self-defense and cooking (among other things).

Parents that are focused on giving “things” to their children need to understand the “thing” they will be giving to the world after they are finished with the job they thought they were doing well…but were barely scratching the surface of. I’ve seen it and heard the philosophy behind it and can safely say that giving love is how love is taught and returned, not by giving Xbox One. Trust me, there isn’t an app for this.

I’m not an expert on parenting. The experts are the people that have all the degrees and letters after their name, but no children. Yeah…listen to them if you like. I’m just a parent (to the tune of five children) that has learned a thing or two in my triumphs and mistakes in trying to raise children to be responsible and productive adults. I’m also a keen observer of life and have an excellent memory, and can tell you that parenting isn’t an exact science…but it’s pretty scientific in that every action has a reaction, and the cause you put forth is the effect you will get.

Teach your children responsibly

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By Sally on May 13, 2015 at 08:47 am

I think that parents should participate in their kids life and shouldn't ignore some aspects they are not keen on. For example, we at believe that they should be more active in their kids' studies. Research shows that kids with active-in-studies parents have better performance at school.

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