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Small Favors And Big Lies Makes For Human Tragedies


The United States and other Western governments spent millions of dollars to send grain surpluses to Ethiopia. Aid workers contend that the money would have been better spent on long-term solutions su

Water is too scarce to use for bathing, and drought has created dust bowls.

The problem is compounded by AIDS and treatable diseases -- such as diarrhea, pneumonia and tuberculosis and these problems lead the poor into inhumane solutions causing them to sell off their children to save the lives of other members of their families, thus creating modern slavery in the modern world.

"While the world's attention is currently gripped by events in other regions, Africa is in crisis with thousands of people dying silently each day, "

Experts warn that the current stocks located in the countries and already promised by donors will not prevent massive starvation. In all, an estimated 11 million people throughout southern Africa will need food aid to survive over the next six months. The latest harvest figures show that Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Lesotho - as feared - face the most desperate situation. Mozambique and Swaziland also face grave food shortages.

The Ethiopian government is preparing a worldwide appeal for food assistance, said Olga Keita of the World Food Program.

The poor in Ethiopia are subsisting on cracked wheat as drought starves crops.

Hardest hit are the Horn of Africa, where about 17.9 million people face severe food shortages, and southern Africa, where 16.41 million are at risk, the agency said.

"Over 4 million Africans face famine and starvation. Think of the pain you feel not eating for 12 hours, imagine this over a period of weeks, months and even years as people, particularly children slowly die." according to Howard A. Gutman

There are many things that we can do as Americans to assist the survival of the starving citizens of Africa , small things that may mean very little to us yet could mean the world to them, fathers mothers and their children who currently suffer through this nightmare, who have seen and felt their country dying.

An obstinate problem this one is, but I often wonder why there wasn’t more done to arrest the dangers within this country. I mean there is a solution to the obstacles that we see in Africa, to the famine, the drought, rampant diseases like the Aids epidemic and to world hunger as we know it, a solution that could have been implemented a long time ago.

Look at it man, America spends millions of dollars to feed these people and the best that they come up with is grain surpluses, how insane and ridiculous. (I mean grains does not make for a healthy meal.)

The drought has taken the lives of the live stock that was once flagrantly abundant while destroying the vitality of the once thriving communities (plants and vegetation). In addition it was many wars over a period of time which has also destroyed the country's bountiful infrastructure.

"Livestock numbers are dropping because of the fodder and water shortage. The remaining animals are skeletal and fetch a lower price on the market than usual. The selling price of cattle is "nowhere near enough. In good times, they fetch 10 times that," an Ethiopian farmer said. "I'm just selling them instead of watching them die."

An Associated Press reporter recently described the familiar, but horrifying, effects that hunger is taking on children in Malawi: "The children's eyes are bulging and listless, their shoulder blades jab out of their emaciated backs and their heads and bloated bellies seem grotesquely huge next to their shriveled limbs." The leaders of Malawi, Lesotho and Zimbabwe have declared states of emergency, appealing to the international community for food assistance."

Is this the best that we can do or is it the least we have ever done? To know that there are those who suffer and to painfully be on familiar terms with the many who died. Can we honestly sleep well at night as a nation who professes God, liberty or civil suitability, while others of the human species tolerate pandemonium and utter chaos. While history has long ago broached the barriers of technological advancements we still employ ancient remedies to solve an ancient problem. Yet religion has shown us the wisdom of the ages through a man named Jesus, who explained to us that we cannot truly save a person by giving them a fish, because it will last for just one meal, yet may we truly help and save a soul if we show them how to get their own, feeding them for the rest of their lives.

There is no solution because the problem truly doesn't exist, because where there is a solution that has always been known, then the problem does not lie with the poor but with the rich who knew the truth all along. Where there is destruction there is profiteering and suffering, poor and rich working side by side to create hullabaloo unwanted by the suffers yet desired by corporations. Along side the unfortunate dying men, women, and children are the corporations who embezzle the natural resources of the land while others claim to be the savors of the people who starve. While these people struggle they (Big corporations) stand idle watching them die, because their main concern is to confiscate the country's resources which makes them wealthy.

Resources which could effectively provide the essential tools that would rehabilitate the decaying water system, eradicate the amendable diseases, repopulate the livestock that was once plentiful, reestablish the health of the land through agricultural technologies and bring back hope within the hearts of millions who suffer. It is no longer a secret that we should avoid but one to look upon, to know that we pretend to help while we (America) desire to loot. The realization of this treachery should awaken in all of us the need for our support as a people, to begin to rely on ourselves (and to stop depending on governments) as human beings to save the live of other human beings. And should we not do this good work them we would have lost our own humanity and our lives become dried and worthless as dried wheat that decays in the blistering sunlight.

Why do these people starve; when they live in the land where the most resources are found on this earth?

A land where there were the most livestock and the most vegetation, where people have existed for millions of years unabated, safe from diseases, hunger and genocide. What we are talking about here is just the tip of the problems in which I present to you as it relates to the world and to justice. Yes there like any other country existed wars and people died but there was no problems with today's health issues such as Aids and many other correctable diseases.

Unfortunately we as westerners have been misdirected as our misinformation has lead us to believe many myths concerning Africa, but the same can be said about our foreign policies, affairs and our world views.

Starvation in Africa
(one thing blacks and white share, no one cares)
By Howard A. Gutman

Starvation Looms For Millions

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has pleaded with the international community to take action against mass starvation in southern Africa. The Malawian government has recently declared a state of emergency as nearly 80 percent of the population is said to be suffering from malnutrition and inadequate food sources. An estimated three to four million Malawians will suffer from starvation by the end of this year.

Hunger rising in Malawi, Zambia
The past year ravaged Sub-Saharan Africa with flood and drought, hitting Malawi and Zambia especially hard with the worst food shortage in fifty years. Currently, over three quarters of the population is without food stocks in countries that are already economically fragile and unable to provide sufficient health care and education for their citizens, let alone lose their only means of subsistence to adverse weather conditions. Both countries are waiting for debt relief from the stalled IMF/World Bank program.

In February, Hayley Coristine wrote about a young Malawian mother who attempted to sell three of her children into slavery to earn money to feed her two other children. Her sixth and youngest child died earlier that week after starving to death. She explained her situation with utmost lucidity: "I cannot provide food for all my children; they will certainly die if I keep them all. If I sell the oldest ones who are strong enough to work, I will have money to feed my two youngest and perhaps they will have a better chance of surviving.. Relief volunteers gave the woman food to nourish all five of her children, yet the current situation enveloping Malawi is leading to an environment where similar incidents are not only possible but certain.

Ranked 151st of 162 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index, Malawi's average life expectancy is 37 years. One quarter of children do not live to see their fifth birthday; 48% of those under five are malnourished."

Excerpt taken from

Imagine living for 37 years without food, imagine watching your children suffering slowly from malnutrition and you may grasp the meaning of your humanity -- They continue to struggle for the survival of their people, shouldn't we come together with solutions which will be organized and implemented by the people (not by governments or corporations who have a conflict of interest) to help them?

I fear that we have the means to detain this problem but we lack the humanity to do so, for we have lost it along the road to civilization and in root to global democracy.

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By Credo on December 09, 2007 at 07:20 pm
I categorically agree with you; however America is not only in debt but may soon find itself in the same condition as this third world country. Thank you for your comment. Credo
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