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The Use of SF6 in a Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Refrigerant recycling plays a very important role in maintaining the environmental balance.

Refrigerant Recovery Machines help extract from and inject in refrigerants into cooling systems. They play an important role since they help handle refrigerants in a safe manner and prevent them from leaking into the air, thereby causing ozone damage.

Refrigerant Recovery Machines - what they are

Refrigerant recovery machines are used to extract refrigerants from cooling machines such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers. Manufactured by a number of companies, these devices are used for a number of other applications besides extracting refrigerant gasses.

Owing to the rising concerns regarding the environmental damage that refrigerants are capable of causing, countries have laid out stringent regulations on only authorized skilled professionals handling such machinery. In fact, some countries require specific certifications from individuals as well to demonstrate their ability to operate such machines.

How it operates?

The refrigerant recovery machine is designed to create vacuum, which will facilitate sucking out of the refrigerant from the cooling unit. With good refrigerant recovery machines, the recovery rate is often more than 90%. These machines can be used to extract refrigerants and pump them back in as well.

If the machine only requires purifying the refrigerant, then the refrigerant recovery machine extracts the refrigerant, purifies it and then pumps it back into the machine. However, if the machine needs to be discarded and disposed, then the machine extracts the refrigerant and stores it for being reclaimed as and when needed or sent to locations established to process refrigerants.Since disposal of refrigerants are bound by various laws, only institutions or companies designated to do so can be entrusted with the refrigerant.

SF6 in refrigerant recovery machines

SF6 has been a popular choice for refrigerant recovery machines because it offers significant advantages such as high stability, excellent electrical insulation and highly effective electric arcs quenching. Since refrigerant recovery machines are compact in design and require utilizing resources efficiently along with being durable and safe, SF6 works as the best gas to achieve the desired performance from the equipment.

SF6 refrigerant recovery machines are the best ones around among the many produced in the market.


While a lot of the newer cooling machines are now switching to environmentally friendly refrigerants, most refrigerant gasses manufacturers are increasingly considering recycling and reusing their own refrigerants for the older models so as to reduce further manufacture of such environmentally harmful refrigerants.

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