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Terrorism, the Endless War


In this day and age, it is a very critical period in human evolution. The eyes of the third world like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, (along with many more governments and innocent civilians who have been tortured, maimed and killed as a result of the American foreign policy) continue to examine, consider, and analyze American political history. And as they examine this country’s internal guiding principles, such goals as freedom, democracy, capitalism, or the bylaws of the Constitution they have fail to see where these goals of American beliefs are in line with American actions and policies aboard..

Without cause and without proof, many have died in the name of freedom, democracy, and to save the free civilized world (America and her allies) or should I have said that they have died as a result of the misconceptions of freedom and democracy. The problem seems to emerge as two extremely different cultures clash over interchangeable principals, over the right to exist and the right to self determination as a people and as a nation. The moral issue of killing human beings to save the alleged honor of a country is not an issue any longer, not once the rage is properly festered and the flags fly from every window and from every car antenna. Life is not that important or even considered in the equation of weather or not we are doing the right thing by killing innocent people in lands foreign, abroad and alien to Americans.

“The moral of my message to you is this: If your heart and mind tell you clearly that the bombing of impoverished, hungry, innocent peasants is a terrible thing to do and will not make the American people any more secure, you should protest it in any way you can and don't be worried about being called unpatriotic.”
So that's how people who are wedded to American foreign policy are able to live with it - they conclude, and proclaim, and may even believe, that our foreign policy is a benevolent force, an enlightened empire, bringing order, prosperity and civilized behavior to all parts of the globe, and if we're forced to go to war we conduct a humanitarian war"
Dinesh D'Souza
By William Blum,

As a youngster I have always believed that as an American we were thought to be ever growing in our beliefs of freedom, more to the point ever developing ourselves and our government in an ever progressive humanitarian mandate. It somehow bothers me that I never seen past the lies and the falsities of our system especially sense we hosted slavery, the ethnic cleansing of the Indian nation, overthrown many governments around the world, sold weapons of mass destruction to all sides of any war, killed our own people as a pretext for war and so many other niceties I dare not mention. Now that I have grown a little wiser and sometimes with age occurs wisdom and with this wisdom I find that life means nothing unless truth is at the head of it. There is no other reason to live and no moral principal to stand on while we rationalize the death of a multitude of innocent people around the world and the endless war that America continues to wage on them. We tend to forget that these people that we have never seen, those who we call foreigners and aliens are our brothers and sisters; they are part of the human family and part of God’s creation.

Essentially America is a Christian country who is said to be presupposed to God’s laws and nature, yet it was very simple and easy to get them focused on war without people ever examining the nature of the declaration for war. The President simply called for war, gave a few reasons for the war and everybody drummed in sort of like cattle herded to the slaughter (in this case the slaughter of the human family aboard). We asked no questions, sort no answers and tested none of the governments theories before falling over ourselves getting into our battle gear.

“When the attacks on the World Trade Center happened, nobody asked the right questions, we were all too mesmerized by the constant repetition of those planes hitting the towers over and over again. The American people wanted someone to pin it on, and the Bush Administration, after they finally had the guts to come back to Washington, (in just a few hours of the incident) gave us the perpetrators.”

America Has Been The World's Bully For 62 Years

Without gagging We all swallowed the story hook line and sinker.

What is it that we as Americans need to learn in order to live at peace with the rest of the world? Have we learned what civilization actually means? Can we truly attest to a civilized culture or a humanitarian state if we go to war on the breast of a man’s word simply because he holds a title (the most powerfuless man in the world) a badge (America the policemen of the world) or he controls the American empire? Are we not that inferred and inspired terrorist that we seek so diligently throughout the world? We have looked under every bush and every rock and in every hole where we found Sadam Husain of Iraq, Manuel Antonio Noriega of Panama. along with many other such political prisoners, yet we never found the truth nor the real perpetrators of 9/11. Seriously speaking we have found no perpetrators because we have not had the wherewithal to see the truth within ourselves, to look it squarely in the eyes and except it for what it is. We have not excepted the inferences from the clues which remain all round us and we therefore certainly have not acknowledged the many suspects within our own back yard.

Most of the political prisoners that we have branded as tyrants were once former assets of the CIA, President Bush and of the government. What happen to change their views on these men? While they were in power in their countries they killed people, invaded lands murdering and pillaging yet were sponsored and supported by the armaments and funding from the American government.

“In Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in a place called "Camp X-Ray", a group of Muslim POWs are right now living in horrible conditions that demand from us our sympathy and support. We are equally obligated to do what we can for the Palestinian prisoners of war in Israel and the Muslim prisoners of war in Russia, America, and other places throughout the world.”

Even though we have automatically and systematically charged Islam the entire religion for the crimes of a few supposed terrorist and even thought we have not found the real criminals of 9/11 we hold Christianity and America innocent of the millions of innocent people killed at their hands in this unjust war. Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion in the world today and it now host over a billion people around the world. Americans are expected to war with innocent people and not expect resistance, to kill innocent people and not expect verbal retaliation. And again you will be expected to except the loss of your Constitution, your freedoms and your rights as it will be the bargaining chip or price for the loss of your humanity.

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By Creedon on December 01, 2007 at 05:39 pm
Well written article on a topic that needs more of the spotlight shun upon it.
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By Credo on December 09, 2007 at 06:05 pm
Most people still believe in the system, choosing to believe that it works. If you ask me it is broken, the only way to be sure that our popular vote gets noticed is if we hold a paper ballet(counting the votes by physical paper ballets) to be absolutely certain that no cheating is involved. But even if we did that we still can't control the good guy bad guy politician thing that seems to be going on between the Republicans and Democrats. Credo
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By Kerry on January 11, 2008 at 02:51 pm
What goes around comes around. Dennis Kucenich just requested a New Hampshire re-count due to the 8-point swing fom the machine counting "total" from the exit polls tally.
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By Credo on May 05, 2011 at 11:43 am

Thanks again for your comment


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By Credo on October 25, 2013 at 12:08 am


By Kerry on January 11, 2008 at 02:51 pmWhat goes around comes around. Dennis Kucenich just requested a New Hampshire re-count due to the 8-point swing fom the machine counting "total" from the exit polls tally.

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