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Inventors Galore.RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, December 30, 2014

we are not that far away from a hyper 2 years...............................................


Amazing the inventors strewn across the planet like a patchwork quilt full of inventive ideas people. A lot of ideas have seen fruition to help mankind, just as many fall down the crevasse of vested interest. Never to see the light of day simply because dated technology muffles the infancy of an enlightened person's inventiveness begging for backup support. Could the fact be that the ideas themselves pose a threat to the incumbent. Some inventors natural born of little education, the majority seemingly university trained. Sad therefore great ideas are not implemented more to improve people's lives, and or the future health of the planet.

Inventors program on ABC. Physics chap presents. Micro thin type of formulated silicone solar panels which can be produced very cheaply to cover a roof with the ability to produce greater amounts of electricity even in low light conditions. Proven to outshine the existing bulky expensive panels which can take quite a few years for the buyer to recuperate the initial expense.

If a panel is damaged which happens because of bird intrusion etc, no problem. Easy to replace. Cheaply. Within 2 to 3 years a paint to be developed also to paint the whole house with extra cover enabling maximum use of the sun, even on cloudy days. A dolls house was produced in simulation with the newly developed technique on the roof only. Exposed to studio light it lit up, miniature tele, fan, lights, the works fired up.

The paint idea was interesting, i walked into a paint shop when i was after paint for my reno and remarked to the owner how cool it was and had he the aircon on. He smiled, "no, it's a new type of paint we have covered the roof with. I thought he was joking. Wasn't cheap at approximately $600 for an average size roof of a house. Neither is an aircon running constantly.

The inventor of the new solar panels plus paint in the offing, stated the obvious. 'Dirty power' production could be cut dramatically. His invention won. I guess a billion dollar up invention some progressive company will purchase, making the inventor a millionaire overnight i would suggest.

Wouldn't you think that the big electricity companies would pounce on this technology, see it to fruition, cutting back the need for coal fired, and in the process creating much needed jobs? Maybe some place like Dubai will snap it up. It was muted by the inventor that return of money outlaid for installationcould be recouped using this panel/paint composition,within months, due to the cost effective production of silicone type production of panel etc.

A young uni graduate mucks around with a new type of speed hump using a polymer that deforms naturally at the posted speed limit providing a soft flat ride. Hit at above the limit in its encased kevlar the polymer reacts at speeds above the speed limit posted reverting to a 'bump' shock type of hard mound. Dare say the young guy will do well. However on the other side of the world someone else did the same thing so the uni guy is rushing to get a patent through.

Japan is on the move with a 501 klm an hour pretty quick train, with a fairly long development span to fruition which will cost an inordinate amount of money. Big time. Using the magnet suspension type of propulsion. Pity land wasn't set aside for futuristic propulsion of say an overhead line of commuter carriage cars to interlink city travel but i guess then the railway network would suffer unless its space could be used.

I mean it will take some two years to travel to Mars, plus i would imagine more than a dollar to develop it to a livable condition. One of the many problems facing the first travelers is madness. "I spy with my little eye..." "mum! i'm bored...are we there yet?"

"what on earth do you kids want!" "No you can't play outside..." "No you can't have a little sister..." "If that guy doesn't stop that irritating habit of picking his nose i'll snot him." "those blasted biscuit crumbs...two years worth! and the vacuum's outside!" "if that Darth Vader bangs his Galaxy into the back of this ship once more..." "what do you mean our tickets are not valid?" "if they put that star trek movie on once more i'll throw up over the milky way!" "Mary Mary quite space contrary up the back there is a weird one. Got married in the back seat...conceived in the middle seat...getting divorced tomorrow morning in the pilot's cockpit!" "what do you mean MY son was playing indoor cricket and cracked the windscreen?"

"Okay kids, put your helmets on, don't trip on the steps, my God it's great to stretch the legs." "what do you mean you're bored there's nothing to do...what on earth do kids want from their Ma's these days?" "DON'T throw rocks...there's not enough space!" "Chew that spam sandwich slowly." "We're going back home in half an you'd better go now behind that tree." :>)

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