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Detailed Guide for Selecting The Right Bow Sight

by katiesmith02 (writer), , December 26, 2014

Whether you are an amateur who wants to perfect his shooting skills or a hunter who wants to comfortably zero in on a reindeer, if you are using a bow, then it should be accompanied by a bow sight.

Whether you are an amateur who wants to perfect his shooting skills or a hunter who wants to comfortably zero in on a reindeer, if you are using a bow, then it should be accompanied by a bow sight.


A bow sight helps an archer shoot better. It’s not necessary for him to use it, but shooting without a bow sight amounts to less chances of hitting the target, especially if the target is located considerably away from the archer.

However, if you are buying a modern compound bow, then odds are that high it’d come with a bow sight. Modern compound bows are equipped with bow sights, peep sights and high quality arrow rests; such state of the art arrangement makes it incredibly easy for even novice archers to shoot accurately.

You can always purchase a bow sight separately. In fact, most archers do this because when shopping around for a standalone bow sight, they could inspect each and every spec of any bow sight carefully and then select or discard it. Basic bow sights come with pin track, pin guard and mounting bracket while advanced ones come with sophisticated features such as graduated elevation scale, 3rd axis adjustment, vibration dampener, bubble level, etc.

Bow sights can be of various types. The most common of them is

fixed pin bow sights

This is the simplest and most reliable of all bow sights; there are 3-5 individual pins which need to be set before shooting. These pins represent distances and the gaps between distances are normally 5-10 yards, pins that are on the top are for short distances and the bottom ones are for longer distances.

The biggest advantage of fixed pin sights is easy setup. If the target is 20 yards away, then the preset 20 yards pin could be used. Hunters often face difficulty using fixed pin sights because their targets might move away from the preset distance. Outdoor shooters who shoot at a fixed object, don’t face this difficulty.

Movable bow pin sights

They are also called single pin sight because such pin sights don’t require multiple preset pins. They have a single pin that can be adjusted before shooting. A movable pin sight is a system that employs a lever to switch from distances. The lever can be moved up and down. If you move it down, then the sight pin would go up and likewise if you move it up. The sight pin going up means the target is at a close-range and if it goes down, then you are shooting at a long-range target.

The prime benefit of single pin sights is fast turnaround time. If you are shooting at something that is 30 yards away, then you just need to tug the pointer to the 30 yards mark, if it’s a game animal and moves away from the set distance, then you can quickly fix the pointer by moving it again to the new distance.

Pendulum sights

If you are shooting at an eye-level target, then you don’t need a pendulum bow sight. But if you are shooting from an upland area and your target is downhill, then pendulum sights could help you judge the yardage. Such bow sights come with a single pin attached to a pendulum swing. The sight pin automatically determines how much swing would be needed based on the steepness of your shot angle.

3D competition bow sights

Because used in archery competitions, 3D competition bow sights are alternatively known as target sights. A 3D competition sight is often considered a crossover of movable pin sight and pendulum sight with additional features. Such sights are 6-12-inch in size and are attached to a system that functions like a tenon. The system can be disconnected quickly.

If you are on the groove and still have so many hurdles to jump to become a master archer, then it’s essential for you to practice with a proper bow sight. That will help you immensely and turn you into a pro within a very short time.

Don't back off if you have to shell out $200-$400 for purchasing the bow sight because the return will be worth spending this money.

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